Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Operation Sealion

The Boys at WWPD have come up with a great idea - A global Flames of War event, based on the hypothetical invasion of Britain at the end of WWII, called unsurprisingly, OPERATION SEALION

Click on the link to visit the site and register to take part.

So that beach I have been making will get used, but looks like my Germans will be attacking it, not defending it!

I have pressed on tonight, with items for it, finished a whole bunch more barbed wire sections. Also trimmed and undercoated the BF Beach Obstacle set, and made a whole pile of 'czech hedgehogs' from plastic L-strut, and spray undercoated them black.

I have been pondering how much resin water effect I will need, and if my maths is correct, I think I need about 2.5litres of it, to half cover the slope of my 120cm long beach section....

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