Sunday, May 01, 2016

Bolt Action Germans

Continuing my Bolt Action fun, I am starting to work through painting my infantry. I have been assembling and base painting both German and American forces for some time and enjoying gaming with them in between times.

This has gone against my normal practice of fully painting stuff before use. But I really wanted to get into and start enjoying this game system. 

However I have managed to these completed... 

German command...

German Field observers ...

German Panzerschrek team...

German Flamethrower...

I must admit I am trying to do these promptly so haven't been worrying about top highlights, nor eyes. I still think they look OK for table top use.

More to come.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Farmhouse completed.

A few pics of the completed farmhouse I showed earlier...

I decided to just go with a predominantly grey stone colour scheme, with a few areas of yellow or red bricks...

I did crop down the length of the chimney to protect against breaks. I just got it painted and Chris dropped it and snapped the chimney off! Thankfully it was a clean break and glued back together ok.

The internals again just whitewashed and a stained balsa wood floor. An opening front door too.

And some Krauts to show possible occupancy.

Well that's my second building done. I have something a little bigger planned next ... Watch this space. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Bolt action armoured medley

I have been assembling two Bolt Action forces now for a few months, both US and German, and have greatly enjoyed assembling and painting their plastic vehicle kits. 

This first one is the German StuH 42, assault howitzer. A birthday present from my family 😀. 

Fitted with a casement mounted medium howitzer, it can really hurt enemy infantry. 

But it's not terribly good against enemy armour as the HE round doesn't have the greatest penetration, but can at least pin down the armour.

Next up is the Hetzer. A tank hunter fitted with a heavy AT gun. 

It does however have weak side armour so you really need to watch it's flanks.

It also has remotely operated MG with 360• field of fire. 

Next up is the Hanomag. I've done this one before but this time have toned down the decals with a brown wash as Millsy suggested.

An armoured personnel carrier, good for getting your troops into the table with a degree of protection from small arms fire. 

Capable of carrying 12 men and fitted with an MG for supporting fire. But you need some in it as passengers to fire. 

Next up is Panzer IV H. Again shown before, and again decals toned down. 

Fitted with a heavy antitank gun and two machine guns, it can hurt enemy armour, and infantry. 

Schurzen side armour gives some protection against bazookas to its flanks. 

The Puma is up next. An armoured reconnaissance vehicle, fitted with a medium AT Gun and MG. 

Equipped with dual steering positions it can reverse as quickly as it advances making it get out of trouble fast.

But that big gun tempts you to be bold with it so you have to remember it's not armoured like a tank! 

All the German armoured arrayed below.

Next up, the yanks...

First up the M10 tank destroyer. Fitted with a heavy AT gun, it can deal to enemy panzers very well. 

It also has a pintel mounted HMG, so can hurt infantry too. 

But it is lghtly armoured for a tank and is open topped so small arms fire can pin it.

Next one of my faves, the M3 half track. 

Bristling with MGs it can spit out fire from its passengers.

An armoured personnel carrier capable of carrying 12 guys. 

I can't help thinking of Kelly's Heroes when I see it. 😀

An HMG covers the front fire arc.

Next, the classic M4 Sherman tank. 

A medium AT gun with a nifty HE rule, and two MGs and an HMG. It can really bring the hurt to enemy infantry.

But it's prone to catching fire if hit... Leading to the nickname ' Ronson' after the lighter... It always lights first time...

For some yank armoured recce  we have the M8 armoured car.

A fast wheeled reconnaissance vehicle fitted with a light AT gun, MG and pintel HMG ... They stick 50cals on everything!

And finally all the tank armour arrayed.

I have been steadily working on the infantry side of these forces and will detail these in future posts. 

In the meantime, I'm really enjoying the game.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

WIP - Another farmhouse for Bolt Action

Been breaking out the styrofoam again and have another building on the go. A little more ambitious this time, a two story farmhouse, with two seperate levels and removable roof. 


Balsa for floors, matchsticks for windows, card for roof. Just need to card shingle the roof now and then on with painting. A door and chimney pot will complete the build. 

Will post more when finished. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Farm cottage for Bolt Action

With getting into Bolt Action, one small problem is not having much in the way of suitable scaled buildings for WWII. 

So I made a small farm cottage to start off my options ... 

Constructed mostly of dense blue foam ( Styrofoam) card stock for roof and shingles, matchsticks for window and door frames and some balsa for floor and door. 

Front above and rear below ..

At first I was just going to have it a solid building, but then decided since it was for skirmish gaming, to have a lift off roof so I sawed the roof off!

So that meant painting the inside as well and giving it a floor...

A US sniper team takes up position above...

And Chris then pleaded for it to have a opening door... So more balsa and some simple glued on card stock hinges effected the door... 

Sniper changes position to shoot out the doorway... 

So that's the first one done. Would ideally have been my 'defensive terrain' entry for the painting challenge but I was no where  near completed at that stage.

It may actually do for other periods too and maybe even LOTR as a Breeland building?

More to come.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Bolt Action fun continues

Since Christmas I have jumped with both feet in Bolt Action and am thoroughly enjoying it. 
I have painted a heap of stuff to tabletop ready standard and have been enjoying gaming with it, but most is still someway from what I would call finished so haven't blogged the units yet... 

The game is great fun and less competitive than Flames of War I find which is a good thing to my mind. I think with the random activation sequence of the game , and most games seeming to lean towards a draw unless you really push it and perhaps also get lucky, a lot of the tension and frustration of FoW doesn't occur, resulting in a more easy going fun game.

Time will tell but that's my impression so far...

Chris has also enjoyed the game with me too and since my initial outlay on the D-Day Firefight set out force of Yanks and Krauts has grown steadily. 

 Some pics of recent games... 

Playing down at KWC, Chris's Yanks hold the centre until relieved. 

We didn't play long in the end . Chris was tired from an early school start and his dice were not playing ball whilst mine were on fire...

A bold move by Chris's greyhound doesn't pay off as it is lit up by a panzerfaust shot. 

Then the puma arrived to pour more fire on the yanks. We called it shortly after. 

Later over Easter weekend we had another go at home played to conclusion and the Krauts won right at the last moment. Exciting game.

The game at mid point above. 

Chris won the next game Secret Mission grabbing the objective and legging it in his half track after miraculously surviving a ton of fire! 

Chris always has his war movie themes playing on his iPhone as we play , and I am getting the hang of this new fangled technology stuff too with my own... And learning to blog with it too... Helping me find a little time to blog again, especially with a long Easter weekend to enjoy 😀

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hobbityfying our home.

As it was after all the Lord of the Rings, and The Hobbit that brought us to New Zealand, aka 'Middle-Earth'... It somehow seemed appropriate to add some Hobbity themed touches to our home. 

Having visited Hobbiton at Matamata, I came away with with a desire to add some simple hobbit themed sign posts in the garden... 

I completed this one several months ago now... 

And just this weekend I finished and mounted a name plate for our front fence.

Quite pleased with how it turned out 😀

I've got a couple of idea for a couple more signs if I get round to them.

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