Sunday, May 20, 2012

Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers - AVRE

Just a quick update to show I got my AVRE's done.

These are based on the Churchill Mk III tank, armed with a 290 mm Petard Spigot mortar, known affectionately as the 'flying dustbin'. It was to all intents and purposes a 'bunker-buster'. In the game it only has a 4" range, but once it gets within that range, anything it hits has pretty much had it, thanks to its '1+' firepower. It will hopefully help my commandos get off the Normandy beaches....


  1. What a great looking beastie; what was the front armour like?

    1. Thanks Michael. A wee beastie indeed!
      From wikipedia:
      "The armour on the Churchill, often considered its most important feature, was originally specified to a minimum of 16 millimetres (0.63 in) and a maximum of 102 millimetres (4.0 in); this was increased with the Mk VII to a range from 25 millimetres (0.98 in) to 152 millimetres (6.0 in). Though this armour was considerably thicker than its rivals (including the German Tiger I tank, but not the Tiger II) it was not sloped, reducing its effectiveness. Earlier models were given extra armour by the expedient of welding extra plates on."
      In the game its gets a rating of 8, which compares to 6 for the Sherman and panzer IV, and 7 for the StuG, 9 for the Tiger and 10 for the Panther.
      It problem is going to be turning past the bunker's defilade wall to get in range of a shot which will then expose its weaker side and rear armour to a second bunker in a covering position...

  2. A nifty Smoke template might help. They look good.

    1. Thanks, yep I'll have to check the rules on firing smoke at bunkers...


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