Saturday, May 19, 2012

Old school 40k Squats - Pictorial

By popular demand I present pictures of my 40k Squat army from the late 80s / early 90s. I painted these in my late teens / early 20s. They have been pretty much in storage for last 20+ years.

Please forgive some of them looking a bit dusty, and the basing flock I used way back then was just cheap coloured saw dust... I'd never heard of static grass then...

I hope you enjoy the pictures...

Ogryn Squad

Ogryn Bone 'ead

Ripper guns and attitude!

I recently rebased these as they originally came on 40mm square bases.

Quad launcher, AKA the Thud gun - I have two more half painted

Rapier Laser destroyer - Ultimate tank killer

Ratling sniper squad - hobbits in space! (check out the furry feet)

Guild Trike squad, with pintel mounted MultiMeltas

HearthGuard Exo-Armour squad - the famous 'eggs on legs' - the original squat terminator

Stronghold Warlord in ExoArmour MkII with thunderhammer and custom gun.

Thunderer Squad with Multimeltas

Thunderer Squad with Lascannons

Mole mortar or 'Moler'

Living Ancestor - squat psyker

Guild bike squad. Looking at these now from 20 years ago - its no wonder I bought a Harley!

Brotherhood squat warriors with assorted weaponry

Hearthguard squad with meltaguns

Hearthguard squad with Plasma guns

Stronghold standard bearer - I like the Romanesque look.

Thunderer squad with Heavy Bolters

Mole Mortar battery

Tarantula sentry guns - looks familiar from the movie - Aliens

Berserker and cyborgs

Hearthguard flamer squad
I have a few more bits and bobs to finish off for the army too, but they effectively got put on hold all those years ago when GW canned them...

So if you have any old spare squat models, and don't mind offering them up, I'll be sure to give them a good home! ;-)

Thanks for looking.



  1. Its great to see those models again, brings back fond memories of rogue trader in my teend.

  2. Ha ha! I like the heavy weapon teams, i see GW have recycled some of them for the Imperial Guard in Epic.

  3. Thanks for posting these pictures. I've never actually seen these models, not having entered the minis gaming world until about 2003. I think your paint jobs even from back then are really good. I can definitely see the old school GW influence. Very nice and it's great that you're taking these out again. I think people get so carried away with playing "the most current" thing (whatever it is)that they forget the old stuff is still playable. Unlike a video game that needs a certain PC or console, minis just need a flat space and a few friends to work.

    1. Thanks Jerry, yeah thats a good point.

      The fun thing with them now is that they actually seem to work in the game. Way back when... most of the 'races' moved at different rates, based I think from their WFB move rates, so humans moved 4", eldar 5", squats 3", bigger fast things 6"... so my poor old squats had a hell of a time getting anwhere. 40k is a fire and manouvre game, and squats with their average shooting skills and hopeless movement where doomed, unless you sat back with heavy weapons or used bike squads.

      So I'd usually refuse a flank with the heavy squads covering the area in front of them, whilst launching suicidal bike raids with the trikes hoping to melt everything before they got shot to pieces.

      It generally meant I lost big or won big, depending on dice and what my opponent did. Usually I lost!

      But now in the game all races move 6" which has levelled the playing field, and makes my Hearthguard units useful now. Add some deep strike with termites, and consider using the Squat miners who infiltrate and I have an even chance of getting round the board and achieving objectives etc.

      Its actually quite a fun game now for me and not as frustrating as I used to find it.

      Plus rumour has it that the Squats are set to make a come back! Supposedly they will be allies of the Tau...!

      That will presumeably mean new models, which will make the 2nd hand prices of the current old models drop from their current rediculous prices...

  4. They look great and have stood the test of time well! I can't imagine why onTerra GW removed squats? They were a comic relief angel- sort of like the orks. Glad your back and having fun with them. I myself recently returned to the hobby after almost 30 years- I played WFB back then- orks n gobbies. But now I am enjoying playing my Dark Angel army- For the Lion!!!

  5. One commentary a year, maybe, but this post on squats remains alive :)

  6. Wish they wild bring them back prob the best background in the whole of 40k


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