Friday, May 25, 2012

Weird anti-virus warnings - "Glorious Works"

I am coming across more and more blogs where I get an anti-virus warning from my security software, upon visiting the blog and viewing its content, and no, theses are not 'those' kind of things, but regular wargames and hobby blogs. The warning flashes blocking the following, from the blog visited: "" Whats this all about? Is it 'catching' , is my poor blog going to get affected by the weirdness??? Is it just me or are other folks getting these warnings too? Anyone care to shed some light?


  1. Can't say for sure, Scott. An .ico file is an icon, I think.

    And here's what Wikipedia says about the .cc suffix:

    The CO.CC company offers two free subdomains, as well as bulk discounts for ordering as many as 15,000 domain names at a time. These domains have been used by spammers to create spam blogs, or "splogs," often with nonsense names like "" and the like but all registrants are in fact subject to a terms of service prohibiting standard illegalities.
    Step-by-step instructions for registrants on how to use well known hosting services like Blogger, Windows Live, and Google Apps are included on its homepage.
    Due to previously large use by website spammers of sub-domains from, in July 2011 Google removed over 11 million websites from its search results. Google's JohnMu recommended that individuals who have legitimate sites (in line with Google's Webmaster Guidelines) on the subdomain send a reconsideration request to Google to have their specific site excluded from the ban.
    The abundance of cheap domains has also been used by those who sell fake "anti-virus" programs.

  2. Not a clue, luckily I've not seen this!!

  3. First that I've heard of it too.

    -- Jeff

  4. Not come across this.

  5. How odd... I wonder if its something to do with differing anti-virus software being used. One computer I blog surf on runs NOD32 ESET, and this is the one generating most of these warnings...the other PC runs AVG, and its not coming up on that machine.
    Roly I wonder if its something to do with the domain name as you suggest, and a security setting is set high on one machine thus triggering this alert, whilst the other ignores it?

  6. I'm afraid this is the first I've heard of it too.


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