Sunday, January 10, 2010

Buckleberry Ferry

Having recently decided to try and play through the Fellowship of the Ring Journey book in sequence as a linked campaign, I have been busy trying to get all the models and terrain pieces built.
The first few scenarios are fairly straight forward, with a few models per side and fairly standard terrain; hills, woods, rocky outcrops, hedges and fences etc.
The fourth scenario sees the hobbits fleeing the Shire across the Brandywine River, by crossing the Buckleberry Ferry.
So I needed a river section and a ferry.

I have already made generic river sections, which are about 6" wide. Enough for most games. However, to fit a ferry model in, that can fit a few models and has space to cross the river, I was going to need a wider section.

So I made a 2' length of river from 5mm MDF, built up the bank sides with strips of cardboard and sand textured glue. Then cut short lengths of twisel twine, and glued these along the banks as reeds. Once glued, carefully untwisted the twine so it splayed out to look like reeds and painted them green.

Painted and flocked the whole river section as appropriate, and painted river with PVA glue, then a layer of gloss varnish, to give watery sheen.

Made the Ferry and jetties from balsa wood, and built up the jetty surrounds as for the river.

So here you have the scenic item

And here a little drama from the movie as Frodo finds himself the last to reach to ferry before the Ringwraiths close in...

Should be a fun little scenario to play.
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