Saturday, October 27, 2007

Some Warhammer 40K stuff from the late 80's / early 90's

After raking about in my collection of figures, now that I have a bit of space to unpack and have a look at them, I thought I might add some examples of my earlier paintwork on figures for Games Workshop's Warhammer 40K.

First up is Ghazkull (spelling?), Ork Warlord. I can't remember all the fluff, but I think he had a pretty tough head, and was always accompanied by his battle standard bearer; Makari (spelling?)
Painted in Citadel acrylics and inks. Basic flocked base with coloured saw-dust.

This next figure is a prototype, that I do not believe was ever released. It's a cyborg-squat or "cy-squat". Aimed at giving the squats a bit of hard up front melee ability. Sadly they never saw the light of day as GW scrapped the squats from 40k! BooHoo! Still, I guess with a move of 3 they never could get anywhere!
Still I did have some fun with my squat bikes and guild trikes with multi-meltas! :-)

Ah yes, a deathskull-loota, scavenging the battlefield for left overs to make interesting weapons with. If I recall correctly; roll artillery dice and times by 10 for range, then roll again for strength of hit. Cover wouldn't help you!
Just don't roll a misfire though...boom!
They could also allow you to field vehicles from other other races (or was that the bloodaxes?? - I cant remember). Needless to say I got a few imperium tanks and orkified them :-)

A bloodaxe commando - great melee troops and special rules allowed infiltration into battlefield during ( or after?) deployment. Models even had a "swiss army knife" sculpted on their belt at rear. Cool!

A Goff ork; basic ork - bolt pistol and axe. In theory great for swamping the enemy with numbers and if you get them close will do some damage. In reality never make half way across board - mown down in droves.
Hopefully, your gretchin screen might save them for a round or two...

Zodgrog Wortsnagga I think. Great at keeping your gretchins in line, and an interesting up close melee weapon.
The back banner is a cut out (or provided with model, cant remember which).
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