Monday, May 07, 2012

Beach WIP update

I managed to press on with more work on my FoW Normandy beach recently and tonight got the beach obstacles glued into position.

I have used one pack of BF beach obstacles, which gives me the mines on posts at the front and the ramps. I used two packs of Evergreen L-strut plastic (293), to make the 30 antitank 'Czech hedgehogs'. These were all painted up first then super-glued onto painted sand surface of beach. I then added a little PVA/water mix around base of each obstacles and added sand to cover the join and make the obstacle look sunk into the sand. The sand round the obstacles was then painted to match in with the beach surface.

I have tacked and hot glued, to seal, some mdf round the edges to act as a retainer for the woodland scenics realistic water I will be pouring tomorrow night. Only thing with it is you have to pour it in 1/8th of an inch layers and allow to set 24hrs between layers, so it may take me a while still to complete this.

The resin will fill to about half way up the beach. It will coloured with paint in the mix to a sea blue/grey/green colour. Finally I'll add wave effects by mixing in white paint to final resin water-effects.

Then I have the sea wall to add to complete it, which I plan to do on a series of popsicle or lolly/iceblock sticks so varying amounts can be added as required.

Getting there slowly but surely.

Sorry the colour is a little dark, but I think its a factor of the white table background.

Update 9/5/12

Managed to get the first layer of resin poured last night. I mixed in some acrylic house paint I had left over from painting my games table 'sea coloured' for the pirate gaming I was doing last year... It doesn't take much paint to change the colour. This first layer is very opaque but its going to be at the bottom. I will add less paint through subsequent layers to try to give a translucent effect.

I also got the sea-wall made and base painted last night, too. Just needs dry brushing and talus adding to base. Pictures to follow in further blog post update.


  1. Looking good! Look forward to seeing this finish.

  2. Taking shape nicely Scott, the obstacles look great.

  3. Great stuff Scott. Very keen to see it completed but the water sounds like a right pain to do.

    1. I had hoped to pour it in one go, but yeah you have to do it in 1/8" layers and allow 24hrs to dry between them... I should get it all done over the weekend.

  4. Very Nice work, you can pour it thicker but it will extend the drying time, I have managed 1/4 inch layers with 24 hours between pours.


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