Saturday, October 13, 2012

Heroes of the Reich, ...and another Marder.

More troops to add to my FoW Wehrmacht forces...

One aspect to FoW gaming I have come late to is the use of, and addition to your forces, of 'Heroes' or 'Warriors' to use FoW parlance. Whilst I have generally been aware they were available, I have always shied away from them... in part because I was wary that by making use of them I may be sliding into a "Hero-hammer" style of gaming. A road that I did not wish to go down, for fear of it becoming silly or unbalancing or taking something away from the core game and its tactics.

However having experienced them, and read up a little more on their abilities, I tend to find that they typically have a role that is more augmenting to the force they accompanying, rather then being an unstoppable powerhouse in themselves. So I have decided to start adding a few to my various forces. They also add a little theme and characterisation to your otherwise relatively nameless company of troops.

The first of these is "von Sauken". Dietrich von Sauken was a Prussian aristocrat and officer of the Wehrmacht. There is some more info here from wikipedia.

In historical terms, von Sauken had a reputation for getting his troops quickly into action in the right place, at the right time. This is conveyed in the game by increasing the chance for German troops to successfully pass a skill test to make a 'stormtrooper move'. Very useful, for getting your troops quickly across the board. Also, he gives a re-roll on getting your reserves to arrive. Very handy to have, as many missions in the game have reserves and there are times when you really are hanging out for them to arrive!

Not only that but his mere presence brings another command team to your force, helping with morale checks.

Here he is on foot as an infantry team, and with his accompanying SdKfz 250/1 half-track transport, complete with MG and AA MG.

The figure on foot also has a little Iron Cross sculpted onto his base, just to signify his as a "Hero".

Hard to see, but the model is even wearing a monocle - a nice characterful touch on a 15mm scale figure!

Next up is, Feldwebel Dietrich Uhtoff

Uthoff was a hero of the Eastern front, who I believe was posthumously awarded the Iron Cross, when he, during a German retreat, was last seen leading a small group of men armed with a stack of Panzerfausts, to try and hinder the approaching Soviet armour. 

His rules in the game allow him to ambush enemy troops, with his trusty Panzerfaust.

He comes as a single figurine in the pack with a few little terrain extras to make a nice little mini diorama. He also has an Iron cross on his base, but I have left his somewhat dirty in the mud at his knee as befits his sneaking actions.

Let the Ivans and their tank hordes fear his presence... well at least until he gets caught up in their tracks ;-)

Last up for today, is another Marder III H. This brings my platoon up to an active 3 vehicles with one still waiting to roll off the production line...

In the meantime I have been working steadily on my small horde of 15 Panzer III H's that I assembled some months ago, though I will probably proxy them as J's or late-J's. Just busy with last detailing and then decals to go on. Hopefully ready for next weekends blog post update. Stay tuned... and don't forget to keep up with our FoW club blog activities here.

As always, thanks for reading.
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