Saturday, May 23, 2015

Azog - the pale orc!

I recently finished Azog for The Hobbit / LOTR SBG.

The chief bad guy from the Hobbit movies, he makes a great villain through the Hobbit trilogy, even if his role in the movies is somewhat different to the book and his position in the appendices of LOTR.

I also really liked the fact that we got spoken black speech for the evil orcs in the Hobbit trilogy, compared to the English accents from LOTR...

The model is the Finecast resin stuff from GW, but wasn't too bad this time in terms of flash or bubble holes so was fairly easy to assemble. And the paint job was relatively straight forward... typical dark armour, brown leather and pale skin.

A picture of the full size Azog at Te Papa museum, Wellington, NZ.

And mounted on the White Warg...

A very dynamic pose that I really like, leaping into the action!

They are a pretty fearsome combination in the game too... Azog has multiple attacks, high fight skill and strength and a special rule that he always wounds on 3+... add to that the mobility of the warg and its cavalry charge bonuses and you really wont want to be on the receiving end of one of his charges!

But he's quite a hefty points cost in the game too as you would imagine...

Now that he's done I look forward to giving him a whirl in game ... it will be interesting to see how he does against Beorn!


  1. Great work Scott. I weally like that white warg!

  2. I'm also glad they did away with the dodgy cockney accents!

  3. Great rendition of the character, Scott. He looks just like the original. Quite a scary looking dude.

  4. Very nice! The white warg is perfect!

  5. Nicely painted Scott though I don't care for the design of Azog, the character design not the GW miniature which is a very good representation of the movie character.

  6. Azog is an awesome model. Quick question: Did it come with a 40mm base - I in my old FLGS that this model was shipped with some sort of oval base with a large diameter of 70 mm... ? Or is it a 64mm base?

  7. Really nice Scott. He was a brutal dude in the films.

  8. Excellent as always, however I'm not sure about the foot sculpt, he looks a little weird walking forwards like that. Maybe it's the angle of the shot. How about a comparison with some other models, is their any of the dreaded scale creep that we've come to know and love from gw

    1. Thanks Ste. I guess he's about to cave someones head in ;) I think he's actually rather well proportioned and about right in size. The white warg is quite big and the base is bigger than the regular cav 40mm base, but less than the monster 60mm base.

  9. Really beautiful painting Scott but, like several others here, I'm really not sold on the sculpts. He seems oddly thin to me - his musculature does not scale well with the size of his head. The boots are too high (they give him a weird dominatrix look). Also,the dismounted pose looks very wooden.

    The warg is very nice though! ;)

    Critics, eh?

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Cracking work Scott, I loved this character - wonderfully evil.


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