Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Empire of the Dead - Special Characters

Along with the recent FoW Wehrmacht figures I have also been steadily working through the various characters for Empire of the Dead.

I have managed to get three done so far, The Reaper Deathlight, The Gallows Hag, and Cedric Hyde, as pictured below.

These are quite large figures and are shown mounted on 40mm bases.

I have tried photographing them in two styles; my regular approach; a slightly pitched down angle over green felt base cloth, and against a curved paper background, from a more direct angle. Interesting how the different effects come out. Note lighting was identical (fluorescent strip lights).

With the bigger bases I was able to play about with more basing materials than I usually do.

The Reaper Deathlight was quite tricky to get the best angle for the pose, so I ended up doing three shots, just so you can see the pose of the figure to best effect.

A group shot with a 28mm Prussian, just to give you an idea of scale of these larger character models.

The alternate photography style:

Cedric Hyde, offspring of Mr Hyde and a lady of the night...

Gallows Hag, a spooky spirit who will ensnare you in her rope.

Reaper Deathlight, coming to claim your mortal soul!

I enjoyed a couple of games of EotD over the weekend with good mate Roly. My poor vampire faction fared poorly and against the Gentlemen, rolled daylight in both games; first a simple Fracas, the second a search for the Artifact. Both great fun games played over a rural village setting, thanks to my selection of medieval style thatched and tilled roofed buildings. I'll try and take some in game pictures next time.


  1. Please do! look forward to seeing some games in progress. I need to get some more work done on my own EotD Factions. I love these additional characters they are great and I love your basing.

    Love the Cedric model I only have him and the Ape man so far they are huge but brilliant figures.

  2. Really well done Scot and a good idea to shoot all those angles. That Reaper is very cool.

  3. Lovly paintwork...that death reaper is a lovely mini

  4. These look tremendous Scott, might be tempted myself! Great to see the detail work in your new photo style too.

  5. Scott, your painting work is very nice as always! This EotD must be an interesting game. Please, next time when you will play, post some pictures.
    Both photos new and old style are nice! I prefer the old ones because I believe that the green cloth you are using as background, is your "signature" in the blogospere. By the way, these yellow flowers are very nice!

  6. Nice work Scott, I have a few specials to add to my two factions but as yet they remain unpainted

  7. Well done Scott, they look excellent!

  8. Not seen these figures before but your paintwork and basing is outstanding on these!

  9. Thank you all for your kind words, as always it is much appreciated.

    I still have the terrain set up from our last game, so will try and have another crack at it and take some pic for a battle report...

    I was having another look at it today, and realized it would also do very well as Bree, for some LOTR gaming, so I may break out the Rangers and Orcs too :-)


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