Monday, November 05, 2012

Heavy Artillery, and the Generalmajor.

Finally, more munitions of war roll off the production line...

I have decided to bring some 'big guns' to the party, with the intention of causing as much mayhem as possible to the enemy, to soften them up, allowing for an easier roll forward for my infantry, and armour, once the time comes to advance.

With that in mind, I chose to add an Armoured Heavy Artillery Battery to my forces. This brings the Hummel (Translation - 'Bumblebee') self propelled artillery piece to the game. This AFV mounts a 15cm howitzer upon a panzer chassis, with an open topped fighting compartment for the crew to shelter in. They also have access to an AA MG for self defense.

I can already make use of the infantry platoon command team, observor teams and Staff team from my 10.5cm artillery battery platoon, but did need to add the Opel Blitz Radio truck, with its 'bedframe' on the top.

I also have enough spare half tracks to mount the observor teams in as needed and also spare Panzer III's if I choose to upgrade their transport

Ranging in posts stored on back of vehicle.

So far only two of the hummels are finished, but a third model is almost finished, and I plan to add a fourth. Increasing the platoon to 4 vehicles, will allow me to add a 2nd observer, covering more of the battlefield, and gives the platoon a little longevity before they are knocked down to 2 vehicles with its inherently reduced effectiveness.

Last up today, another Warrior; Generalmajor Otto-Ernst Remer.

Remer (*) was a renowned commander of the Grossdeutschland Panzergrenadierregient (*),  fighting on the Eastern front. He was decorated with the Knights Cross with Oak Leaves for his performances

When Remer leads a platoon, he increases their motivation, ability to advance with stormtrooper moves and their assault capability.

He has sadly caused some consternation on the FoW BF forum about his ability to lead platoons into an assault, mostly due to the lack of wording on his profile which most assume should have included the phrase, may perform a 'Mounted Assault' when using an armoured half track transport...

From what I have followed, most people seem to play that he can perform this function and I believe Phil ruled on this in a forum post...? [I am happy to be corrected, comments below!]

Here he is as an infantry command team, with a schwimmwagen, for transport. He may be upgraded to have an armoured half track transport.

Remer survived the war, finally being held in an American PoW camp. His post war activities are also featured in the interesting wikipedia link - he seems to have caused as much consternation in real life post war, as he has on the BF forum! ;-)

{*thanks to wikipedia for the linked info. - from reading the info on Remer, I realised his interaction with Joseph Goebbels featured in the movie Valkyrie, played by actor Thomas Kretschmann}


  1. Nice job, Scott! I don't know much about Remer's special rules. I'll have to research the real-life Remer. Sounds interesting.

  2. Nice brushwork Scott. Best wishes on sorting this out.

  3. That's some superb painting Scott, nice one!

  4. Now these are definitely going to pack a punch on the table. Beautifully done Scott, just love the little details like the ranging poles (not sure if that is what they are) on the back of the vehicles; lovely, lovely work.

  5. Many thanks Guys (and Gals!) much appreciated :-)

  6. More fine looking units, Scott. Best, Dean

  7. Heavy artillery is good fun in Flames of War games. I have used the un vehicle version and they rock! Great job fella. They look good.

  8. Hey Scott, what paint did you use for German uniform and helmet.

    1. Vallejo - 979 for helmets, 830 for uniforms.

    2. Hi, thank you for the quick reply, one more question, did you use the same colour as stated on the german paint set?

    3. When I originally started paintng my german grenadiers, I followed the guide in the back of the Bloody Omaha book.
      There is a degree of variation in their uniform and equipment over the course of the war, so it may depend what period you are painting up for force for.


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