Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Analogue Hobbies Winter Painting Challenge - The Gauntlet is picked up!

Well, I have had a rummage through the cupboards, and have dug out what I hope to work on through the period of the challenge, as can be seen pictured above.

  • a box of Flames of War - Battlefront Typhoons
  • 4 boxes of Plastic Soldier Company (15mm for FoW) - SDKfz 251's - thats 20 vehicles!
  • a box of Flames of War - Battlefront PaK 40 platoon.
  • 1 blister pack of Flames of War - Battlefront German HMG platoon
  • 1 blister pack of Flames of War - Battlefront German 8cm Mortar platoon
...and if I get through that little lot in 3 months it will be a bloody miracle, but I figure 'aim high, and if you miss, you still hopefully hit fairly high"... Also still winging their way from Wayland Games in UK is a box of BF FoW - Panzergrenadier Command HQ ( 2 more half tracks and command teams), and a 10.5cm artillery battery boxed set and a bunch of loose 'fausts and 'shreks, just in case I manage to get through the above - yeah right who am I kidding!

I've made an (allowed) start - I have so far half assembled 1 halftrack (sitting on opened box in pic)... theres a lot of work ahead...

Also, (God it would have been so easy to cheat!), just tonight, I have finished painting, my second commando platoon pack, and the PSC Panzer IV H platoon... just need to varnish and base the commandos , and do the decals and varnishing of the panzers, so these guys are a current WIP - and not to be included in the Challenge. So this pretty much clears my painting table, ready for the off!

So what I am doing sitting here writing this, theres work to be done...

update 15/12/11:
The parcel arrived from Wayland Games, and the FoW Panzergrenadier HQ, and German 10.5 Artillery Battery , plus 'shreks & 'fausts have been added to the pile :-)


  1. My word! I wish you the very best of luck, but that is an awful lot of kit you have there.

  2. Thanks Michael, yeah I'm under no illusions, theres a fair bit of work to do. Whilst the halftracks once all assembled can be sprayed fairly quickly, there's still a fair bit of detail work to do on all the stowage, and the crews aswell to do. Plus I have to paint the driver and co-driver, seperate to the halftrack first. Then I can paint the half track, then insert them and then glue down the top 'panel' of the halftrack. And of course the decals... ( (I reckon they'll take far more time than the panzers did - they were easy!)

    And then all the rest of it of course, a lot of work but thats what a challenge is, and I guess it will be good incentive just to see what I can get done if I am able to push myslef a bit.

    The wife has been informed of my involvement - so if I can just get her trained up in driving the lawntractor, I might get out of mowing at the weekends! ;-)

  3. If anything your much more organized then me which it appears most are. I'll find out what I'm painting on the 20th!:-0
    Good luck!!


  4. I spy a lot of points and your a lot more organized than me too, I've got 48 figures on sticks and the rest are still in their bags, gotta get me finger out!!


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