Saturday, November 17, 2012

'Little Tanks' - Mittlere Panzer Co. & Luchs

I finally got my horde of Panzer III's finished! I originally got them as a quick way of getting into the MidWar setting and they were probably originally destined for the Mediterranean theatre...

But after some time I realised that a DAK force didn't really appeal, and my young son's interest in painting up his 8th Army  troops seems to have fizzled onto the back burner...

So I decided to switch these guys to the Eastern Front setting, and paint them to match my existing forces. They are Plastic Soldier Company, Panzer III H variant, in 15mm scale.

Now, I am not sure but I may have taken some artistic licence in their depiction... Whilst the Panzer III H certainly featured on the Eastern front from the Mid War period onwards... I am unsure if they would have had the depicted 3 colour camo pattern... but I didn't really fancy painting them grey... as they then wouldn't match my existing forces... and besides I may proxy them as later variants of the panzer III ...

I completed them a couple of weeks back but was just waiting for a set of smaller scale decals for the turret numbers to arrive from DOM in the UK... The side of the turret of the Pz III H has a small raised area which I was concerned would not allow the standard size decals to lie flat, so I got the small ones so they sit just below the 'bump', and have gone on well.

HQ above with Co and 2iC

First platoon of three tanks

And then 2 platoons of five. All up together this gives 1350pts of armour. Add to this a little recce and maybe a Stuka and I will have a usable force on the table.

Next up a platoon of PanzerII L 'Luchs' (translation; Lynx):

The Panzer II was a tank that features in the early and MidWar setting but by the LateWar setting it had been modified and turned into a reconnaissance vehicle, where they seem to have been used quite widely on the Eastern Front.

Again these have been finished for a little while and were just waiting for the turret decals as again, the side of turret of the Luchs is rather small.

I also used them to demonstrate a guide to painting the German 3 colour camo pattern here.


  1. The PSC tanks look really good, if i was still doing WWII you painting would convince me to go out and buy they right now! Artistic license or not, these look excellent!

  2. Great work on these, Scott. I always liked the early war stuff better than all the trick kit of the later period.

  3. You did a fine job of adding detail to these 15mm scale tanks. Not easy to do on 15mm as I'm discovering. Also I enjoy the eclectic mix of the things you're willing to paint.

  4. Great Panzers Scott - nice to see appreciation of these machines who, with only a small handful of Pz IVs, were responsible for most of Germany's gains in the early years.

    And historical or not - that 3 colour camo looks smashing! Just starting my first FoW army and hope it comes out as nicely.

    1. Thanks Paul :-) Yes the Early / Mid war battles with the smaller tanks are certainly interesting. I had hoped to come across forces of the Soviets fielding T-70's , but am concerned I am more likely to find the more fearsome T34!

      Best of luck with your journey into FoW!
      Check out our KapitiFoWGamers blog in sidebar - some nice articles there on FoW including how I paint this camo pattern. Hope this helps.


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