Sunday, November 11, 2012

Marder and Hummel reinforcements - FoW

Just a quick post update, a couple more reinforcements for my Wehrmacht forces. Managed to finish my last of 4 , Marder III H self propelled Anti-tank guns.

And added a third Hummel, for my Armoured heavy artillery battery.

This now gives me an effective artillery platoon, of three guns, but I have a fourth winging its way from the UK. This 4th gun increases the platoons size, and allows a 2nd observer to be deployed.

I also received my Plastic Soldier Co. 15mm Tiger I boxed set. Looking forward to getting these ready to roll. At the same time I ordered another box of half tracks and the conversion kit, so I can make 3 command half tracks with the 3.7cm gun and then a couple of others, probably a pair of stummels, though I might go with a couple of flamers...

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