Sunday, November 18, 2012

Empire of the Dead - Circ du Noir Man Ape

The Circ du Noir Man Ape is another hireling for the Empire of the Dead game.


Trapped between man and animal in a body corrupted by a foul Infernium experiment. Treated as a freak by society, he acts as an intelligence source and, occasionally, much more for his masters. Driven by a hatred of his own form he will stop at nothing to prevent further corruption of the natural world. 

The model came with two hat options; the tall top hat or a smaller rounded bowler... I couldn't resist the top hat ! It took a little filling and drilling out to get it to sit right on the apes head.

Again, although scaled at 28mm, this is a large model shown on a 40mm round base.

I would not want to meet this chap in a Victorian alley way on a 'dark and stormy night'!


  1. Look at the face on this guy. The way they've sculpted the snarling mouth and those teeth is fantastic. A fun, fun figure.

  2. He looks like I feel this morning!!!! Nice job Scott!

  3. Yes a very convincing snarl and nicely animated. The top hat does add a certain dignity to his appearance though.
    On another tack you might like to have a gander at a steampunk novel called 'Jack Cloudie' by Stephen Hunt for some inspiration. Follow the exploits of the Royal Aerostatical Navy as they do battle with the evil Caliph's airships above the deserts of Casarabia.

    1. Sounds fascinating, I'll check it out... Thanks Gav!

  4. Dapper Ape! Can never go wrong with apes ;)

  5. Fantastic sir. I too went for the top hat on mine. Though I may consider getting a second to add the bola hat to.

  6. That is a great looking figure, great paint job and detail work


  7. Thats awesome Scott - reminds me of some bosses for actually!

  8. Wow! I want one of those; great job Scott.

  9. Thanks all for your kind comments! Always appreciated :-)

  10. Hi Scott,

    a nice figure. Well done!



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