Sunday, April 01, 2012

Pillbox - WIP - Part 2

I managed to grab some more 15amp fuse wire today, and finished off the exposed rebar hooks for attaching camo netting, and also used it for showing the exposed rebar from the bomb and shell hits.

I also managed to get the magnets glued on the guns of the 88mm and 75mm guns.

They are coming on quite well I think. Camo netting to add next.


  1. Wow! Looking great Scott! Can't wait to see them with paint on.

  2. These are looking pretty impressive, Scott. I particularly like the detail of the rebar loops.

    Just out of interest, what is the reason for the magnetic gun barrels?

    1. Thanks Roly.
      It simply allows me to swap out various size anti-tank guns used within the bunker. There are 4 options; the 88mm, 75mm, and two slightly differing 50mm guns.
      Whilst the 88mm is the most desirable, FoW is also a points based game and so at 250points they are 'expensive' compared to the 80pts for the other guns...
      Ideally I'll place one 88mm bunker at one end of the beach firing along the coastline with defilade wall to seaward side. This will be supported most likely by a 75mm pillbox at other end of beach firing back this way.
      The idea of the mutual support being a tank has to get into a firing position to hit the embrasure of the bunkers gun, and as it turns to do this, it presents it weaker side or rear armour to the supporting bunker...

      I originally saw the magnets used within the FoW system for holding tank turrets in place securely but they work perfectly for this was too - so long as you align the poles correctly (thats poles of the magnets, not Poles the people!)

  3. They look a lot more sinister with the guns in place!

    1. I'm hoping they'll create a lot of intimidation, delay and confusion on the part of my attackers!


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