Friday, April 20, 2012

FoW - Easter update

I have been lucky enough to have a weeks holiday over the Easter school holidays, and have managed to catch up on a few painting projects and start and finish new ones.

First up:

10.5cm leFH18 Howitzer battery

This is a boxed set from battlefront, comprising 4 guns, and the crews,  with scenic bases, a staff team on scenic base, 2 observer teams, 2 kübelwagens, and a platoon command team.

10.5cm leFH18 Howitzer

Platoon command team

Observer team


Staff team
Next up;

Static Rocket Launchers

I grabbed a pack of these on impulse when browsing my FLGS.

They fire a 28cm diameter rocket and use the 'Stuka zu Fuss' or 'Stukas on foot' rules from main rule book, though they only fire four rockets not six as those mounted on the half track launchers.

These were positioned ready to fire on Omaha beach, so will be a valuable asset to my Normandy beach defenders.

Another impulse buy:

Borgward BIV

 Once the Allies get past the beach defenders and push inland, they will come across the counter attacking German forces including Panzer Lehr Division. Panzer Lehr included a Funklenkkompanie, or Radio controlled tank company. In the game this is represented by up 4 StuG G assualt guns each with their attendant Borgward demolition carrier. These things carried 500kg of explosive and were driven up to target by remote control and detonated. Typically used to knock out bunkers, minefields and other strong points.
In the game they can also be used to take out gun teams and bogged or bailed out tanks... which I look forward to trying out against the Allied forces.

Next, a little Recce...

Sd Kfz 231 (8-rad) Armoured car patrol

These 8 wheeled armoured cars were classed as a heavy Panzerspäh Platoon and were used by SS companies as reconnaissance troops, scouting ahead of the main force, upon the enemy, spotting for ambushes and revealing hiding gone to ground enemy troops.

One of the 'more bang for your buck' things I like about the German forces I have collected is that with a few minor tweaks, they can represent a whole array of differing formations, from tough Grenadier beach defenders, Mechanised Infantry, and Panzer Companies including SS options. These 8-rads give me a SS look as used by 12. Hitlerjugend divisions, from Earth & Steel supplement. They were also used by Heer Panzer formations also.

And here, a little real estate:

Total Battle Miniatures - Outbuilding

This is a cast resin 15mm building which fits nicely with my Flames of War forces.

I really like this range of buildings. Being resin casts they do require a bit of work before painting; with trimming the excess resin 'flash', and also hole filling as there can be many small holes in the cast. They could be left in some cases as 'bullet holes', but most need filling, with greenstuff.

8-rad parked up on recce duties

Artillery observer spots from cover of building

 Finally, a little more beach work:

Beach WIP

I got the beach painted up, with a 50/50 mix of PVA glue and yellow oxide craft paint. This was then heavily over brushed with a 50/50 mix of Yellow oxide and white.

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  1. love those 8 rad armoured cars! Takes me back to my Airfix days!


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