Thursday, April 05, 2012

Pillbox Bunker - WIP - Part 3

I pressed on the other night with this project and got the camo netting effect done using a standard crepe bandage.

It was a little more fiddly than I hoped. I expected to just cut the crepe up stretch it over bunker, trim some holes in it for shell hits and voila! Not so. I forgot the crepe is elastic and stretches. It looks best when pulled apart, but let go and its elasticity clumps it back together.

So I had to cut through it all over to slice the elastic strands... In the end I found it easier just to cut small pieces off, and pull them slightly apart to break its structure.
I then dunked them in a roughly 50/50 mix of PVA/Water, and draped them into place, layering one piece next to the other till I had the coverage I wanted.

If left it on window to dry thoroughly over night and through a days sunshine, so coming home from work today it was dry.

So on to painting...

I have so far sprayed it black as an undercoat. This was with airbrush. I'd normally just have used the Citadel spray black, but these kind of sprays normally contain propellants that eat into this sort of foam material, so I thought better safe than sorry.

I will hopefully get it fully painted up and finished over Easter weekend here.

Happy Easter to all.



  1. Great work so far! They certainly look on a par with Battlefront's effort. Looking forward to seeing them finished!

  2. Nice idea with the crepe bandage and well worth the perseverance. Looking great Scott.

  3. I'm looking forward to the finished product. Looks nice, and something I'd like to replicate in 28mm. But then, I don't have the ambition to try it!


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