Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hobby Haul

Well today saw the last day of Wellington's main wargames store; Wargames Supply... A shame really as I think that only leaves Games Workshop as a hobby store in the city, and they only stock their own stuff...

I had got a couple of bits and bobs earlier in the week, when it was about 20-30% off everything. Today it was 50%, but it had been yesterday too... so by all accounts there had been a fair scramble yesterday. But I still managed to grab a few items today as pictured above.

The main ones I am pleased about are the Firestorm Campaign sets for FoW. I am intrigued to see how these work and play out... They are both for Late War so suit both my British and German forces well.

Several blister packs were impulse buys, thinking they were not really what I was after but no doubt will come in useful none the less. Some paint to add to supplies too.

An Axis and Allies boardgame to try out with No.1 son, and another free rules-set and a free WI magazine.

Not too bad a haul I think at half price :-)


  1. Sad to hear when hobby shops have to close; great score for you though. Best, Dean

  2. What a haul, but what a blow too. Does that mean that you now have to rely on mail order?

    1. Yes it does, but thats not a biggy for me as I get probably 95% of my hobby supplies from online resellers like Maelstromgames anyway...

  3. It must be very difficult to be a 'brick & mortar' game store these days. I think you need a certain population base PLUS a pre-existing gaming demographic to make a real go of it. As you say with online stores like Maelstrom available to us (discounts along with free shipping) it really puts the pressure on local stores to get our business.


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