Sunday, April 01, 2012

More Defences - FoW - 15mm

I finished off a bunch of linear defences recently including trench lines and more minefields and barbed wire entanglements.

I made fourteen 8" long sections of trench, based on 3mm MDF cut 2cm wide. Another upright was glued on top for the trench back. This v-shape was then filled with Polyfilla.
Once dry it was flocked for effect.

The rear part had a layer of 1mm thick balsa sheet glued to back of it, and this was scored to give a planked effect. Then matchsticks were cut up and glued on as support posts. This was painted once complete.

A mortar platoon fires from its trench....

...ready to duck back under incoming fire.

I also made several more barbed wire sections but this time I used the Army Painter barbed wire sections. I have to admit they are very nice, and look better than the simple twisted wire attempt I made earlier...

I did find it a bit too 'bright shiny metal' out of the pack, so coiled it and gave it a dunk in my brown wash bottle.

I love the look of it :-)

More minefield also made. Very simple to do. I just want to add some little signs with a skull and cross bones and "Achtung - Minen!" to them.

A layered defence; minefield, barbed wire and plucky German defenders of the 352nd  in their trenches, with MG34s at the ready...

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