Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Amphibious Assault - model options - FoW?

Looking a little ahead, I am looking to get some Landing Craft for the amphibious beach assault.

I have found two possibilities so far:

From Battlefront, their UBX08 - LCVP:

Although oddly whilst I can find the article about it on their website, I can't find it in their online store product range. Probably a glitch somewhere? I am also unsure how big they are...

The other option I have found is from Kerr & King:

The Kerr and King one is a little cruder, and has no crew or occupants. But its' huge; 155mm long and 45mm wide, enough to take two stands of infantry or tanks!

Just looking for any feedback on these, or any other options available out there I have missed? Comments welcome please.



  1. Not sure but I think Old Glory might have what you're looking for. I know they have US Marine landing craft in 15mm.... not sure about this style of LVCP.

  2. Thanks for that Jerry, I'll have a look there too.

    I've just got a reply from Mike at BF customer services - turns out the BF ones were a limited edition when the D-Day book came out, so no longer available... so if you are reading this and have some stashed away you no longer want - drop me a line.

    1. Yep found listings at Old glory, and there is quite a range... but no pictures or further details - no idea how many in a pack or what they look like. In this day and age of instant digital images , why the heck manufactures can't put up pictures of their products for web customers to view, I have no idea... small rant over... ;-) I'm just not prepared to buy something I can't see.

  3. I have also been looking at this as I'm going to be building a d-day board at some point this year. I have decided to use the Skytrex range


    1. Thanks very much for this Ben, much appreciated. Nice link - good pictures and detail.

      I did have a 'google about' trying to find images of OldGlorys models, and found one via TMP - it would appear the OldGlory ones come with crews.... I just cant understand why the Old glory website is so useless...

      Over the years often folks have recommended their (OGs) models for various wargaming periods and scales yet when I look there is often no image or the image is so poor its almost impossible to ascertain the quality of their product...

      I just cant see whats so difficult? You want to sell your product, I want to see what I am buying - put up some decent pictures!

    2. Look (closely) before you leap - ;-) The Skytrex ones have crews too! Looks like they'll win my business.

  4. How many are you going to need?

    I agree about Old Glory. I feel the same about Redoubt! No excuse not to put up pictures these days

    1. Actually I am not too sure... it will be dependent on the size of the assault forces, as you are only allowed to try and land half your total forces platoons at a time, and each platoon can fit in one craft.
      Looking at the example scenarios from FoW D-Day book - the Brits at Sword Beach get 12 platoons total in their fores, so that would be 6 craft...


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