Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New buildings finished for the growing Port

I finished painting my latest two buildings for my growing Port.

I played about with Photoshop to create a simple sign for my "Shoppe" deciding instead to turn it into a Chandler, named for my son.

And along side it the double door-ed dockside ware/store house.

The Quartermaster finds where he can find supplies.

And a few shots of my growing port town. Some of the buildings at the back are my earlier attempts at medieval buildings, so some have thatched roofs. They may be a bit out of place for the Caribbean, but I imagine might suit an English port of the period?

More to come...


  1. These look very good Scott. I like your work.

  2. Very nice indeed, Sir! I would order pirates immediately, but I keep getting tempted by the goblin ones....

  3. Good job there, your port is coming along nicely! As for the roofs, they are more than ok for an English, Dutch or even French port I believe!

  4. Thanks Guys, your feedback is appreciated as always!

    @Colonel, I know what you mean, I went browsing the web for good looking Naval crew, and the best I found were from Black Scorpion. Then at thier site I stumbled across thier "Cutlass!" pirate game rules. Well, what red-blooded male wouldn't have thier eye caught by the front cover!? And a suitable model is also available. Oddly enough, while I like fantasy stuff in general, thier only figures I was not too keen on were their orcs and goblins. The rest were beautiful...

    @Elhion - Thanks for that, its what I had imagined too. I can see my pirates and thier foes trecking back and forth across the Atlanti and beyond!


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