Monday, May 30, 2011

Pirate progress pictures

Some more pictures of progress as promised after tonight's work:

The second small sloop, just showing the card sides being added, and then the balsa being added, strip by strip. Its actually thinner than I originally thought, it's 0.8mm thick, cut into roughly 5mm wide strips.

The Metal figure is just for scale - it is a LOTR dunlending 28mm. Still he looks wildly pirate like in his own way perhaps?

Here's the first small sloop, now pretty much finished, just awaiting painting. I cut the holes for the cannons, added the deck grate and pinned into position the wheel. I am probably going to leave the wheel removable to allow movement of figures on deck as it's quite a cramped little sloop. With the two cannon present I may struggle to stand 8 Pirate crew on deck.

Here's the Brig, starting to get decked out as it were. All interior planking done, ladders added, windows added, cannon holes cut, doors added, deck grate added. Just now awaiting the masts to be added.

I am sorry this shot is sideways on, I think blogger has had one of its 'moments' or perhaps my gimp software is playing up? Anyway you can see how the stern windows look for the captains quarters.

I'll try and continue work this week and get some more colourful shots up this weekend. Fingers crossed.


  1. Lovely work! To make a ship by my one is a project I always postpone because I feel it is a hard task but your posts make it look so easy... argh.. I have to try ASAP!

  2. Thanks Elhion. I would encourage it, its quite kinda theraputic seeing it gradually come together before your eyes. That's the only downside perhaps, the time taken. It's not too difficult, just time consuming. And perhaps a little messy with bits of cut card and balsa all over the place. Try and keep a tidy work space or your significant other may look a little ascance!
    I am looking forward to completing these, as once painted I can start work on the landform for the port town to go on my sea board table.

  3. I have deleted a post here that contained a link to potentially objectionable material, and my reply to it. At first look I thought it was pretty harmless, but others have mentioned (directly to me) otherwise.
    I am not a prude, but since this a blog about gaming, children may view it, and I dont want any links to unsuitable material being posted. Thank you.


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