Sunday, June 05, 2011

Pirate Brig takes shape

I managed to get more work done on my Gary Chalk Pirate Brig over the weekend.

As you can see from last time I have added the Main and Foremasts, the fighting tops or 'crows nests', and also the cross spars for the main square sails, but an addition to the plan is the gaff-rigged rear booms towards the stern, which would signify the ship as a 'Brig'. And of course the bowsprit.

I must admit, the more I have got into making this ship, the more I have researched and looked at what type of ship a Brig is, but that has led me to look at what the 'other' named types of ship there were out there and what they looked like.

Being a self professed land-lumber this has all been quite fascinating. I recommend the Pirates Cove link in my links sidebar. This site was a wonderful source of info on ships and types.

I also found wikipedia very useful for its simple diagrammatic representations of these ships - in particular how the sails are supposed to go. However, this ship is to be a playable gaming model, not an accurate scale model, so there has to be some sense kept in all this. I will not be adding ALL the sails as show in the various pictures and diagrams, just enough to give it that 'Brig theme'.

I have placed an order with Laurie at Kapiti models (see link in link sidebar) for another ships Wheel, as per the smaller sloop previously seen in another blog post.

The only thing I am a little stuck for is a suitable looking anchor.

That, and I am awaiting an order for some hobby dark brown 'burnt umber' paint, so I can make a start on painting up my growing 'fleet' ;-)

Arr Arr, keep a weather-eye open , ship mates!


  1. Thanks Guys. I have got this just about fully painted now. Just have to add rigging and sails. I am trying decide whether to fit the sails 'down' or 'up'.
    If up, the ship will look good at port, but odd at sea, and vice versa.
    I wonder if I should experiment with cloth sails that can be raised and lowered?


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