Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pirates Progress

I managed to finish off the paint job on my first three pirate themed buildings I've been making recently. I am quite pleased with how they have turned out.

I couldn't resist taking a couple of pictures, with some characterful figures alongside.

I dare say they may well be useful for other periods too, Renaissance period in general and probably Lord of the Rings for areas like Bree and other areas of human dwellings in Eriador.

I have a couple more buildings half assembled now, to continue with.

At the weekend I may hunt through the local $2 stores for plastic plants after a tip off from the Colonel O'Truth. These will help 'vegetate' my Caribbean world.

I've also been continue work on my Gary Chalk Brig. I ran into problems aligning the card hull sides. I am not sure what was intended but I found the template produced a hull side that was too low, not properly reaching the top level of the quarter deck and foredeck. So I used the template to make a larger template that I preferred the look of, and attached those instead. This gives me a barrier at the edge of the quarter deck and a small lip round side of foredeck. I intend to build both up with a wooden railing.

I also wasn't too pleased with the rounded decorative style of the stern from the template, and fashioned a simpler structure. I'll still add window effects using the same green mesh I made the windows with on the above buildings.

I must admit I'm thoroughly enjoying this project, and with PotC Stranger Tides released today, number one son & I are booked to see the movie at the cinema on Saturday :-)


  1. Your buildings look great and the ship looks to be coming along nicely.


  2. Thanks Christopher. Glad you like it. I'll try and keep focussed on this project, as its coming along nicely. I must admit my poor scatter brain does flit from period to period, thanks in part to whatever I have just seen or played... I was supposed to painting those ACW figures by now and they are still looking at me mournfully from the painting desk!

  3. Great effort with the ship Scott. Can't wait to see her painted. I used the ship's boat template to make some small ships of my own. Gary Chalk's plans are so useful.


  4. Thanks Furt.
    I had hoped to get more work done on the ship today, but the curse'd weather was fine, and I was frog marched to the garden by her ladyship, to attend to matters of a green nature, namely the lawns!
    I did however get to just about finish off the building of my 'Olde Shoppe', including roof tiles, which always seems to take a couple of hours per building...
    I'll try and get to work on ship tomorrow.

  5. The buildings look fantastic! Thanks for the inspiration, I have to go and buy some balsawood next week to try something similar. My pirates would love to have some buildings like these on the board!

  6. Thanks Elhion. Comments like that are just what this blog is about; inspiring others.
    Cheers and best of luck with your project. :-)

  7. Hey Scott, these ships are mighty impressive.

    Where can I find the templates?


    1. Hi Lee, thanks. I cant recall exactly where I found these templates now but if you google "Gary Chalk Ships" I am sure you will find them on the web... if you have no luck, get back in touch and I can email them to you, or set up a dropbox download for you. They are available in pdf format...


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