Monday, May 23, 2011

More Pirate Progress

More work during the week and a wet sunday, allowed more time for some more construction.

I managed to get more work done on my Brig and after the trials and tribulations with the size of the hull sides, I got them clad with 1mm balsa, cut into 5mm thick strips, and again bent with steam, for the bow of the ship. It's coming on nicely I think.

A dock is not complete without some port facilities and heres a start on a dock warehouse building, with double doors for moving cargo in and out.

A port will need stores selling goods to all and sundry, so heres is my first "shoppe" - it may be a general dealer, chandler, or apothecary, I haven't decided yet...

Finally realizing I may be hosting visiting pirate crews in need of a ship, I started another small sloop as per the first one I posted pics about. Heres a shot of how the decks line up before sides are added and cladding done. Besides a port needs several ships about to look right I think.

Work continues apace!


  1. Great work Scott. Looking forward to the end results.

  2. Same here, this project is really promising and I cant wait to see it finished in all its pirate glory!

  3. Thanks Guys, your encouraging comments keep me working away :-)

  4. Looking forward to it, Scott! Currently a bit distracted, designing a ship on legs, but I'll come up with something!

  5. Hey no worries Joe, I'll be constructing a few ships no doubt so there will always be a ship to beg, borrow or steal (well aint that appropriate for pirates!?).
    Showed the game to another pal the other day and he's already hooked - ordered the rules, dug out his figures and ship from 10 years ago, and even found some pygmies!

    I've continued work this week and have managed to complete the internal cladding of the ship with balsa, including doors, and steps. Will hope to get a picture up at weekend.

    I found "The Pyrates" novel book on trademe and bought it - ripping humorous yarn I once borrowed from Roly. Also found Treasure Island in the study bookshelves, and am having a read through of that too :-)


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