Monday, May 30, 2011

Piracy continues!

I must first apologise for the lack of pictures in todays post.

This week has seen some rather unexpected developments on the home front, impinging on my hobby time, so I haven't got as much done as I would like, but work still continues gradually.

My Brig is now fully timber clad, and windows have been added to the stern. Just as I thought all was looking good, I took delivery of my first pack of ships cannons (3-6 lbers from Crusader Miniatures via Old Glory in US) - thanks to Brian Smaller for ordering, and dropping these off for me on Sunday. Now I have the cannons, I realise I will have to make some alterations to the positions of the portholes (is that what you call where the cannon sticks out?), to accommodate the cannons. Not a big job but a little more work.

I also want to elaborate on the ship with addition of railings, and add cargo deck grate covers now, again that I now have the guns for an idea of size.

I can also do the same to my original small sloop, not the railings, but deck grate certainly and cut holes for cannon. So my ships will be approaching completion soon I hope. I also managed to get some 10mm dowel to make masts for Brig.

The Shoppe and Warehouse have had their first coats of paint so they are about half finished now.

Also managed a second game with Brett Mudgeway on Saturday night. He had found his box of pirate goodies from 10 plus years ago... and came with a bunch of Foundry figures, a 12'long slim sloop, complete with huge cannons! Also a whale! Sperm Whale a la Moby Dick, but blue/grey not white. We'll have to come up with some rules for that. Anyone got any ideas, please shout up.

We played a game; Kidnap the Governors daughter. I was the defender with my Pirate Crew. I suppose in that circumstance, his Pirate crew were probably trying to steal her for themselves to get the ransom!
My Captain and three cuttroats with muskets held up in the 'Governors' residence, with the daughter, while my Quartermaster, 2 Mates and a rogue came in from the side. Cunning use of townsfolk as speed bumps and generally getting in the way, slowed up Bretts pirates and gave my crew some cover to get into position. I was going to run them to the residence, but ended up turning and intercepting half of Bretts Pirate crew. A couple of 2 onto 1's and some unlucky dice from Brett, and some decent rolls to kill from me saw several of his crew go down in a couple of turns, and with half his crew down he voluntarily routed. My Captain had a lucky break when Bretts Captain stuck his pistol through groundfloor window and would have had my captains head off - a Fate point turned this into a stung ear instead! ;-)

It's definitely a tricky one this scenario, for the attacker, having played it a couple of times.

Still, a good game we both enjoyed. It's quite simply wonderfully characterful...

We did go through the post game sequence just to see what sort of things can happen: Bretts mate went 'crazy' as a result of his in-game 'death', he also lost a couple of henchmen to 'He's dead Jim! ;-) '. My only casualty; my mate, was captured! Dastardly Brett chose to sell him to the authorities for bounty, although how exactly a pirate crew would managed to contact the authorities, to claim the bounty on another pirate, without getting caught themselves continues to mystify me!

We were hoping to use it as a first game for our campaign but I think with Brett still not being 100% with the rules (his rulebook has not arrived yet) for things like Heroic actions, and us fogetting to record exactly who killed who, we may just put this one down to practice.

Plus we are still trying to fully fathom the Henchman group rules, in terms of group experience etc. This is the only bit of the rules I found a little confusing. I have heard they are derived from the Mordhiem rules, but I have not played that so I am a little in the dark in that respect. A few questions to the LotHS yahoo group will hopefully clear this up.

Well that just about wraps up this post. I hope to press on with more work tonight when I get in from work and get some more pictures of progress up soon.


  1. Love the write up Scott. Would also love to see some photos.

  2. Thanks Rodger, I'll try to remember the camera next time and elaborate on the report too. I quite like writing these up when I get into the spirit of the game played :-)


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