Sunday, March 21, 2010


Many years ago, before I emigrated to New Zealand, I was a keen Warmaster player.

Warmaster is a game by Games-Workshop, which follows their fantasy world of Warhammer. However the scale of the game differs to Warhammer, in that the figures are scaled at 10mm in size, and are multi-based, on what might be called "elements"

A typical "unit" of infantry or cavalry would comprise three elements together, and up to four units could be combined to form a brigade. Monsters, artillery and commanders were singly

Units and brigades are moved by a series of commands issued by the army General, or sub-ordinate heroes. Initiative moves also play a part at close ranges.

I thoroughly enjoyed this game, but found it did not have much of a following when I arrived in NZ, and still sadly does not appear to do so. Consequently my army has largely remained moth-balled.

Here's a link to the Warmaster Archive page where some of the photos of my elven army are stored. Not the greatest of pics but remember these guys are only 10mm tall!

Warmaster pics archive

I also have a substantial Orc and Goblin army, as yet to be photographed.

You can find out more about Warmaster by visiting the Games Workshop main website and following their link to Specialist Games. ( I would add a direct link here but GW updates their site so frequently, plus you have to go through their country portal entry that such links usually don't work!)

Interestingly, it would appear many of the mechanics and ideas of the warmaster rules set have been incorporated into the recent Black Powder rules. I still await my first go with these intriguing rules.


  1. Hiya Scott, i feel your pain :) ..i moved to Taranaki from Aus in 2000, with a fully painted undead warmaster army ...even bought a dwarf army once i moved ..but alas no-one is even remotely interested in playing if your ever over this way ..look me up through the Taranaki old guard :)

  2. Thanks Karl, if I am up your way, I certainly will. Likewise if you are ever down this way...


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