Thursday, March 11, 2010

Music that makes the paint flow...

A little diversion to my more normal blog posting:

Reading a fellow gamers blog recently had me thinking about favourite music to paint to. Obviously being a huge fan of Tolkien, and having spent about the last two years painting GW's LOTR figs, I have nearly always had the one of the three movie soundtracks playing in the background, and indeed when having a game too. I can happily paint for hours with this music in my ears.

Of all the pieces from the movies, the one track I love above all is "Concerning Hobbits", from the Fellowship of the Ring. From the warbling wind instruments, to the strings and harp, and patter patter of the drums, quite simply, it always moves me, as I remember the scenes of Hobbition, and brings a smile to my face.

Beautifully shown here:



  1. I mainly paint with the radio or TV on the background, but damn me if I ever play a LotR game without one of these 3 soundtracks in the stereo.


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