Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Misty Mountains

The Misty Mountains.

Once under the snow capped peaks of the Misty Mountains the Dwarven City of the Dwarrowdelf, known as Khazad-Dum, was a seat of great power and wealth for the dwarves. A golden time followed in their trade and dealings with the Elves in Eregion, where the great elven smiths of old wrought the Rings of Power.

But that time is long gone...

Sauron in his rage with the elves, destroyed Eregion. The dwarves, content to shut themselves in the safety of their mountain fortress, delved too deeply for the prize of mithril, and so awoke a dread demon from the ancient world, a Balrog of Morgoth, who laid waste to their dwarven realm.

Fell creatures made the abandoned dwarven halls their home, and the mountains filled with goblins, happy to plunder the wreck of the abandoned dwarven kingdom.

The forces of the Misty mountains can draw on a solid core of goblin soldiery. Not the greatest warriors in Middle-Earth, but in great numbers, can smother and enemy force.

Durburz, the goblin king, leads his warriors to battle, aided by a shaman, and the boom of the massive goblins drums. Not the greatest friend of Durbruz, Druzhag the Beast-caller, summons forth all manner of fell creatures to fight alongside the goblins hordes, including giant spiders, monstrous bats, and wild wargs.

The goblins also bring with their armies, huge cave trolls that lend brute strength to the goblins attack.


  1. Thanks, it makes the effort to paint them worth while, when there are nice comments like this. Appreciated.

  2. Are those the GW giant spiders? They look great, I'm normally not very impressed with the GW spiders.

  3. Hi Stephen, yes thanks, they are indeed the GW spiders. They are not too bad to assemble and paint, and in the game they are very effective if you can get them on the flanks of your enemy. After a few successful outings with them, I have several more awaiting paint!

  4. Great Scott!! The painting detail on your models is insane! owo
    Can you please give me a short tutorial on how you assembled, painted and based the Witch King? The models in my area are priced twice as much so I want to be careful with this one.

  5. Hi 0peratics, thanks for the kind words. The Witch King is not actually on this post. He is on another post though. Its just a foot figure so no assembly required (IIRC) however the model was 2nd-hand to me with a snapped flail chain. This I had to drill and pin with a 0.5mm jewelers drill, and used fuse wire for the pining. Painting was easy; Undercoat black. Robes; Dry brush dark grey, edges highlight with mid grey and wash with bad dadab black. Metal areas; Tin bitz first, then chainmail dry brush, and badab black wash. Hope this helps. Scott

  6. You're welcome.
    My mistake for commenting on the wrong article. I mixed up my windows while in awe with your work!
    Thank you for the tips. That's quite a creative solution you got for the flail! A quick question though: Did you have to resharpen the crown's spikes during trimming? And also, did you glue him to the base prior to painting?

  7. No worries.
    I may have generally filed the flails heads spikes during routine filing and trimming. Yes the figure would be glued to base before painting. Otherwise it may come loose and wobble about during painting...


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