Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Corsairs of Umbar Ship

Black sails off the southern coast of Gondor have long heralded woe from the marauding Corsairs of Umbar!

I started construction on this project quite some time ago, but as usual, many other projects distract along the way...
You can see the full thread here at One-Ring

Here, Khardush the Firecaller leads a horde of orcs up the coast to raid Gondor's soft underbelly.

And here my swarthy pirate crew from an earlier blog post, finally find a ship to man. Perhaps not your average 18th century sloop, but perhaps an interesting twist on a Barbary Coast raider. No Cannons as yet I'm afraid, but I do have a couple of deck size ballistas I can add, once I suitably repaint them.


  1. The ship is truly amazing! I looked at your progress pictures too, it must have been so much work to make! Really love how it turned out!

  2. Excellent ship. Perfect addition to any LotR scenario. Now if I could find the time (and talent) to make one of these.

  3. Hi Anneke. Thanks, Yes it was quite a bit of work. Cutting all the balsa strips, then getting them to bend over steam, then getting then to stay in place while they glued with a assortment of hair-clips, bobbie-pins, dress-making pins and rubber bands... after that it was fairly straight forward ;-)


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