Monday, November 21, 2011

Moria Rocky outcrops

More pictures rescued from the depths of the PC photos folder!

I made these Rocky out-croppings a couple of years back.

They were made from the white polystyrene packaging material you get from TVs fridges etc etc.

This was cut up into chunks and glued together onto an MDF sheet base. This was then covered in chunks of Bark chip mulch from the garden. The gaps between were then filled with a flexible filler from a mastic gun.
Then this was covered in sand textured paint, leaving the bark texture showing through.

The whole thing was then painted black and then worked up through various shades of dry or 'overbrushed' grey to finish.

Heres some WIP shots:


  1. Great hobby, I'm a civilization player, the ancient world wars always fascinate me.

  2. Great pieces. Simple but really effective!

  3. Very nice work as always Scott.

  4. I've seen this post a few times, and every time I see it, I just think, "Wow, this is amazing!" Thanks for the WIP shots especially - they're very helpful!


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