Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Cannibal Natives

Finally I finished my 'Cannibal native' figures. They are 28mm scale figures from Brigadegames Caribbean Empires range. They come with a range of clubs, bows and blow pipes, and will make a great challenge for any Legends of the High Seas pirate crews that wish to venture to the 'Ilse of Pelegostos' in search of treasure.

I still need to make them some round huts, cooking fire and other tribal life odds and ends.

I will hopefully be able to make some kind of temple or step pyramid type thing for them perhaps which will be the focus of any pirate raids.

With this in mind these figures would probably serve equally well for pulp use, for example Indiana Jones type adventures too from the opening scenes from Raiders of the Lost Ark.


  1. Great painting Scott, I wouldn't want that lot chasing after me!!

  2. I'm sure a 'Pirates" range has a 'white man' boiling in a giant kettle... :)

    Then (reportedly!) white people are quite tasteless: same difference as between pork and boar meat!

  3. Thanks Guys - @Abdul: I think Old Glory do a set of 'pirates in the cooking pot', I'll have to check them out...

  4. Wow, Scott, these guys look awesome. I really like what you've done here. They'll look even better in front of grass huts and cooking pots!

  5. Really nicely done - nasty looking buggers.



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