Tuesday, June 07, 2011

More Port Town work

Whilst awaiting more hobby supplies to continue work with my ship, I pressed on with a couple more buildings and managed to finish off two more dock warehouse buildings.

I also managed to make a start on a 'Governors Mansion' - a suitable place to kidnap a Governors Daughter from of course!

I am using some images of Governor Weatherby Swann's Mansion, from the internet, I believe come from Disney's series of Pirates of the Caribbean video/computer games, as a source of inspiration:

Here's what I have managed to get done by end of today.

I know its perhaps a little more resembling 'Colditz' castle at the moment, that's probably down to it's shape and the black foam-card. Hopefully once the grandiose entrance is added and its gets its white paint job and terracotta roof tiles it will look the part.

And yes, its got the same number on windows on the other side, 52 in total! Argh, it was a mission alright, and I'm dreading adding all the roof tiles - it will probably take me a whole weekend!

Blog post update - 7/6/11.

Hmmm, after a chance to look at the images again, I am beginning to wonder at the 'suitableness' of this building I have made to be the governors mansion?

Looking more closely now, I glanced at it start with and thought, 'yeah easy', and set to as I have done with my other buildings..., I have notice that the roof angle is not the 45 degree pitch I have been making, it is a much shallower pitch, maybe ~22.5 degrees? Plus the wings in the image dont have gable ends as I have made..., and the centre section of the mansion is wider than the two wings...

So does this all matter, for my 'governors' mansion?

I am beginning to wonder along three lines of thought:

1) chop off roof, and add sections to centre block and one side wing to widen centre section and re-do roof as per Disney image.


2) Leave structure as is, and since it already looks like 'Colditz', re-think it as a prison block / jail, so I could still use it in the game for the jail house / rescue scenarios. I'd just have to put a strong door on front, and add a perimeter wall and gatehouse, with gallows in courtyard.


3) Leave as is and press on regardless, as presumeabley there would be some variation in mansions out there?

I'd be grateful for your thoughts!


  1. Roof tiles are slow work but worth the time. Looking really good Scott.

  2. Good job! The governors house especially looks amazing! I followed your example and used black foamcore for a small prison I am curently building. Great material!

  3. Scott, great work man! I like what your doing and have been following your stuff for some time. Keep up the great work I look forward to seeing your updates.

  4. Thanks a lot guys, your encouragement keeps me working away.

    Actually, I've been reviewing the mansion, against the disney image, and I am beginning to re-think it, check out this blog post update...

  5. Scott,

    Unless your actually trying to make the Mansion like the Disney drawing, I would leave it as is. It looks great and I could see this building as many sort of things. I say keep it as is...


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