Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Becky Boo

Arr, ship mates, I welcomes you on board the Becky Boo, as fine a sloop as you could hope to sail in the Spanish Main.

Custom sailing rig, and two small cannon.

A little fun with Photoshop helped me get the name 'painted' on... Named for the captains sweet-heart
... ( Actually the shipwrights daughter!)

And with her salty sea dog crew.

She fits eight crew, with the two cannon. Two more perhaps at a push...

Arr, keep a weather eye open and bring that horizon towards me... Yo ho me hearties, and really bad eggs! ;-)

Update: 13/6/11 - clever work with photoshop:

Thanks to Rodger!


  1. Nice Model, the crew looks fantastic!

  2. Very cool, Scott. We'll have to have a game soon. I'm thinking about a pirate junk for my Chinese...

  3. Looking very good Scott. Your sea has turned very well too.

  4. Arr, that be a fine vessel, Cap'n Scott.

  5. Thanks Guys, She's been a fair bit of work, but well worth it.
    @ Rodger - I must admit the sea was a trick I learned from Fusilier Roly, but it does work nicely in photographs. If I could just figure out how to dump the sky in as a backdrop, it would be complete. Any whizz kids on photoshop care to show me how?
    @ Colonel - a Chinese junk say? That would certainly turn a few heads and would bring in the themes of Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

    The more I have worked on this project, the more fascinated I have become with things of a nautical sailing nature. There's just something so beautifully romantic and evocative about sailing ships...

    I have even been looking at my Corsairs ship and thinking, I bet I can do better now...

    But first up I still must finish the Brig. However I did make a start on the dock/town games board today. With luck may have it done for next weekend...

  6. Hi Scott. I will scan a page from a book that will show you exactly how to do it. You will be suprised just how eazy it is. I will email it to you.


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