Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pirates 'go native' - jungle isle terrain - first pieces

The first batch of jungle like clumps of undergrowth for my adventurous pirates to explore as they go ashore and search for heathen treasure from pagan idols, and try and avoid getting eaten by the cannibalistic natives!

Since a few other building projects have stalled as I await parts from the shipwright, I turned to horticulture this week and have thrashed out the above jungle terrain clumps.

3mm mdf off-cuts, trimmed and edges rounded off. Hot glue gunned the clumps into place. Then using PVA glue and brown paint 50/50 mix coated the bases liberally avoiding foliage where possible, and covered in brown sawdust flock (actually my own home production stuff - used dried out tea leaves). Once dry glue on static grass again with thinned PVA.

And voila!

The tall grass and light green leafy plants were in sheets from an aquarium store. The shorter dark green spiky plants were in sheets from $2 dollar store.

More to follow. I've made a bunch of bamboo 'copses', using wooden bbq skewers and sponge clump foliage. Once dry I'll put up some more pics.

Then I might have a go at an Aztec step pyramid type temple. Oh and some round native huts...


  1. Looking pretty good there Scott.

  2. Very nice system. A pity I can´t find that kind of plastic plants here where I live.

  3. Check out Aquarium plants at your nearest pet store Emilio.
    Have you checked out the Blazeaway Miniatures Head Hunters Scot? Rather tasty.

  4. Thanks for the heads up (no pun intended) Ogilvie, I looked them up and they looked rather nice.
    You know I am amazed at the number of manufacturers out there, that I haven't heard about. That was the first time I had heard of Blazeaway!
    And only the other day came across Brigadegames miniatures from a link from Roly. Some splendid minis's out there


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