Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Court of Fallen Kings

I found and managed to complete three more barrow wights I had acquired, which brought me up to the eight models I needed to form the Court of Fallen Kings for my Angmar War of the Ring army.

They are a lovely, spooky formation quite apt to the forces of Angmar.

The bodies of the past Fallen Kings of Arnor, buried in Barrows in the old fashion way, very similar to Saxon barrows in evidence in the UK, but i digress...

And so it was that when the Witch King came to Angmar to raise an army to destroy Arnor, he sent forth foul spirits to inhabit and animate the corpses of the Kings of old, and bring them forth from their barrows to terrify and kill their foes.

I must admit one of these figures is different to the rest, it's a much older 'Barrow Wight' model from GW/Citadel, but as such it makes a distinctive 'leader' of the company, with a suitably imposing sword!

I hope to see this formation in action soon.

My only slight misgiving, in the depiction of the models, is the colour the 'eavy Metal team chose to paint them up in; a blue tinge. My last re-reading of Lord of the Rings, where the hobbits are captured on the Barrow Downs by the Barrow Wight, mentions a 'pale greenish light', when Frodo is trapped in the Barrow. However the wights are also associated with cold and freezing, and these words tend to make us think of blue as a colour, so I guess they could have been done in either colour, after all.


  1. I love that old fig, Scott!

    If you do do a WOTR game with Angmar, I'd love to see a battlereport.

    Btw, in case you were thinking of coming down, the city is mostly still here and registrations apparantly close in two weeks for NATCON.


  2. Thanks Jamie. I must admit I'm keen to try out a full Angmar list. I just need to make a few sabots (LOTR infantry base size) for my ancient barbarian models to use as proxies for Carn Dum Barbarians, and I'll give it a good go, plus a box of Warriors of the Dead for a little 'flavour'. I'll try and remember to do a report.
    I would loved to come down for the gaming, i'm just still a little wary of being in or around CHCH at the mo'. Who knows I may turn up last minute, but no promises... ;-)

  3. I can attest that Carn Dum barbarians are good fun.

    You are not the first person from out of town to express some concern at the idea of attending WOTR in Chch.


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