Sunday, March 06, 2011

Galadhrim Warriors

The Galadhrim, Sindarin for "people of the trees". Here depicted as warriors from Lothlorien.

I like these warriors a great deal, and find them a good, medium infantry for the elves to use to defend their woodland realms and go on the offensive at need, against their ever present foes in the Misty Mountains and from Dol Guldur in the south of Mirkwood.

Interestingly, whilst the elves are not directly featured in the Lord of the Rings book as a fighting force, PJ made the decision to involve them at the battle of Helm Deep. Purists may argue this was near 'blasphemy' and against canon, but it does bring the elves as a fighting force at the time of the War of the Ring into the movie, and because of this fact alone we have a template for the model makers to make figures for us. If it hadn't been for this, we may not have had elven warriors, other than those from the scenes of the Last Alliance battle, or the wood elves of the Woodland Realm.

Plus I quite liked the idea behind PJ's thinking to involve them at this point in the tale. I guess it could be argued they took the place of the Grey Company, who did not make it into the movie.

The only thing I find a little strange with the models (but true to the movie armour depiction) is the two holes in the top of the helmet. Presumably to save weight and allow ventilation? But from a protection point of view, a little odd perhaps...

I just have to finish the banner bearer and the unit will look complete.


  1. Hey very nicely done, i'm just starting a Lothlorien army myself...

    A quick question: how did you stick the concave shields on the arms? Just super-glue?

  2. Hi Dave, thanks for kind words. I must admit I just used Humbrol precision poly, a plastic cement type glue. I put it on reasonably thickly along arm and across back of shield, and held it in place till it stuck. Some of them I managed an extra point contact lower down on the mail coat with base of shield. Hope this helps. Good luck with Lothlorien.

  3. OK that helps a bunch, thanks alot! The more i look at your elves the more i envy them, hopefully they'll turn out as good as yours!

  4. Hi Scott , I have to say your models are amazing well painted ! I am just a beginner in this " world " LOTR , I start two months ago , I'm bought 50 Galadhrim Warriors , Haldir , Legolas and a couple High Warriors too , love them but can't find a good painting tutorial , I am very lost .. Can you give me a hand ?

    Thank you so much , have a nice day

    1. Hi, Thanks for the compliment :)

      It's a while since I painted these but if I recall correctly, after sprayed black primer undercoat... I used Foundry paints; their Shining gold was done first. Once dry shade washed with dark brown wash (vallejo 50/50 black and sienna washes). Once that dry, dry brushed up with the gold again, then a lighter dry brush of silver/gold 50/50.

      The cloakes were done using dark blue base then adding lighter blue to pick out the ridges.

      The leather armour was done using Foundry dark red/brown, 6a then 6b... spear shaft were the '13' range spearstaff, again a then b...

      Flesh done as per 'How I paint miniatures' in above tab....

      Blonde hair done with 30a then 30b...

      Hope that helps :)

    2. Thank you so much ! Your the best! Helps a lot


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