Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wargaming An Introduction

My young son came back from a trip to the library today with this clutched eagerly in his hands. He said he'd got it out for me. I smiled as I took it from him and had a flick through the pages. He excitedly excaimed its "got everything from Alexander the Great to World War II".

Well, I have to say that was a fair summation.

Although not terribly useful to me now, although I wish I'd had a copy about 20 years ago, for a beginner, or someone looking to get in to the hobby but not quite sure where to start, this is an excellent first book to consider. After a nice introduction and preface, which rung several bells for me, in fact in parts it almost felt like a lift from my very first blog post here, it then goes on to detail all facets of wargaming.

It discusses, figure scales, types of wargame and various periods as previously mentioned above.

It also includes some basic rules sets for several of these periods. So with this book you can try out wargaming without having to initially splash out on any expensive rulebooks to start with.

I am quite sure for anyone with an inkling of interest, this book will kick start them off very smartly in the hobby.

You can see more at good old Amazon:

Although my son is already the budding wargamer, and for the first time beat me playing the board wargame "BattleLore" today, although I have to say he did get some very good cards... ;-) , I hope he may sit down and have a read through this book himself.

There are some nice color plates in the centre of various painted wargames armies, and also a simple Napoleonic battle report at the end to set the scene, so to speak.

Well worth a look!

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