Tuesday, March 29, 2011

American Civil War

Turn your speakers on to enjoy the delightful yet mournful music of this video...

Whilst I realise many people may have a passion for a particular period, and then try and find a rule set that does justice to their chosen period, I have come at this situation from the reverse.

After enjoying a recent game of Black Powder, I decided to look for some periods to play this rule set with.

One that immediately became obvious was the American Civil War.

I would not say that I am particularly passionate about the period, but it seems an ideal choice for these rules, and a new period to start from scratch, for a few reasons:

Firstly, plastic sets of suitable models are now cheaply available from the Perry's, and secondly, one box set of models can be used for either side in the war, just by painting them the different opposing colours, and thirdly, the period does not feature too many exotic uniforms, so painting up the troops should be relatively easy.

Consequently I couldn't resist buying a brigade deal from Warlord Games.

The figures duly arrived in March '11, and I started work on trimming the first boxed set ready for paint. I usually trim my figures at work during my lunch and coffee breaks, so I get a few models done per day. I reserve painting for home.

I also received a wealth of inspirational literature from a good friend; Roly, which will help me in some colour choices and uniform details to get these figures painted up correctly.

Here today (29/3/11) I present a shot 'from the workbench'

The first boxed set of 36 infantry figures, ready to go to war for the confederacy.

I'll keep this post updated with progress shots...


  1. Hi Scott, i had posted a few comments on Jamie's blog. I would like to know how WAB 2 works as a game system (or the first Wab if you dont the new ed). I am unable to find any examples of play on line. I am trying to find a good ancients gaming system. I read Impetus and it seems like a good game but i like the individual unit loss system. There is also Clash of Empires coming out soon and am interested to see how that game works. I have Fog but it doesn't really seem like a fun game. I'd appreciate any input you could give me. thanks.

  2. Hi Santos. I cannot comment on WABv2, as I haven't got the book, nor played it as yet, but I would imagine its just a slightly revamped version of WAB with a few tweaks, to fix players past issues with the game. I last played WABv1.5, which was very similar to WFB (v5 I believe). On the whole the game is fine and I enjoyed it quite a bit, I just couldn't find many local players... Some of the glitches I found on reflection, was the inability for units to support each other in any real way, other than get in each others way, and cause friends to run away from failed panic checks. Also the single casualty removal can get a bit messy to handle, you end up with a whole pile of figures to cram back onto movement trays after the game! I am really looking forward to Hail Caesar - the BP ancients variant.


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