Sunday, August 28, 2016

Tiger I E - Bolt Action

Just finished my Tiger I E, for Bolt Action, and now Konflict 47 too!

No Kraut forces feels complete without a Tiger, and with all these new fangled walkers appearing on the horizon it seemed a good choice.

28mm or 1/56th scale plastic kit from Warlord Games. Decals also by Warlord Games.

Looking forward to trying out this big kitty!


  1. Great looking model and splendid photos!!

  2. Now that's a proper Tiger, beautiful camo and weathering, Kudos Scott!

  3. Great model and fantastic work on the painting Scott.

  4. Excellent and ready for some on table destruction. Really good job. cheers mate.

  5. Looking very good, Sir! Forwaerts Panzer! Now for that big game. Bring the big kitty. I'm working on its slinkier cousin!


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