Friday, July 22, 2016

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Another exciting game hoves into view!

One of the upsides of being a hobby stockist is I get to look at and try out games that probably would not necessarily have immediately been on my agenda.

But having really annoyed the game mechanic of Bolt Action I was intrigued to find it was also at the core of BtGoA. Having got my hands on the core set and started reading through the rules it's clear this game takes the BA rules to the next level!

Really looking forward to giving this a whirl , though it may be a little while as I am still putting finishing touches to my BA Krauts, then yanks to finish off...

I am back to square one ... Too many games ... And not enough time! Sheesh! ;-)

... And just around the corner... Konflict 47 and Project Z!!! Who's going to be a busy boy then!?


  1. I'm curious to hear what you think of the rules once you have read them in more detail and played a game or two. I've seen some quite detailed and thoughtful reviews which said they are awful, both from a layout and clarity/consistency POV!

    1. I'm yet to play it Millsy... but at first glance of the rules for it certainly looks interesting... watch this space... I am hopefully putting finishing touches to my BA Kraut Army... then I can start start assembling the bbtgoa starter set...

  2. "Who's going to be a busy boy then!?"

    All of us! whats new? :-)

  3. I've often wondered why this was all about and now I'll get to find out, you really are a lucky chap Scott.

  4. Awesome sounds fun and if you like BA then its a natural progression from what I have read. There are some lovely mini's in the range as well

  5. I really like the game and the Boromites are a blast to play. We tried to get the game up and running but Warlord was slow with the releases. I feel my next year this will be a stronger game with more releases.


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