Sunday, March 08, 2015

Turks - 2nd batch - WIP

Just a quick picture to show progress today on the 2nd batch of Gallipoli Turks... Base colours blocked in...

This time I have gone with a range of varied shades for the hats, tunics, trousers and puttees... using various shades of khaki, drab, canvas colours... GW Deneb Stone and Foundry 7c, 11b, 12b, 12c, 29b, 29c, 31c.
This was an attempt to break away from the brand new uniform look, and go for a more mottled worn campaign look ...
The shade wash will unify these colours.
Rifle stock was GW Vermin Brown... belts, straps and boots were GW Mournfang Brown. The Covered Kalpak hat I used GW Elf Grey.
Metallics were GW Boltgun...

I'll admit these were a little more fiddly to do than the first batch... and I also had to drill and pin the left hand to the arm for each model, then add a little greenstuff putty to make a wrist as the pose didn't quite line up here, it was about 1-2mm out, enough to be noticeable...

The gap in hand to arm the pose with rifle across chest, makes painting round it a bit awkward, but its a classic rifle carrying pose, so just have to get on with it...

Drilled and pinned... greenstuff wrist sculpted on top afterwards.

So next up, shade wash, and highlights... and then on with the 10 casualty figures which should be much easier... no rifle to worry about and only onse side to paint!

Mustering the Troops


  1. Very nice! Coming along nicely.

    I've just this minute finished all mine, and taken them outside to photograph. Pics going up tonight.


  2. Looking good mate... reminds me that i have some parliamentary infantry to paint...

  3. Looking really good so far Scott! Undercoated second batch today. Will have picks of first batch up soon!

  4. They are looking good Scott the weather uniform look should be nice.

  5. Quite a lot of work involved in these! You're doing an admirable job though. Any word on how the overall project is faring?

    1. Thanks :) ... Hard to tell how many figures have been done in total now by all the painters or how many more to go... just got to keep busy till month end and do my bit I suppose... I know Sam at KWC received another 140 figures, just after I got the current batch I am working on... so when I get these done there's more to do... Looking forward to getting to April and being able to return to my own stuff... more LOTR, EotD and Krauts again... 'Operation Midnight Panzer' has been moved forward to 'Operation 6pm' without undue fuss :-) Either that or it hasn't been spotted yet amidst the clutter of my painting table... the German three tone colour scheme hides things wonderfully well, even against assorted paint pots! ;-) ... Trying to involve Chris a little more too in potential WWII stuff again... and trying to decide what to do with my Brit forces for him... was pondering Churchills...

  6. They're looking great Scott. I had similar issues with the wrist and added greenstuff under the right armpit to compensate. I undercoated mine 2nd batch today.

  7. Looks like a bit of prep work to do on these miniatures. I really like that variation in uniform colours. Fading and different production runs....yep...going to get variations. Especially considering the time period. cheers

  8. Good work Scott. You might get addicted to 54mm figures.

  9. Looking good Scott. Working on my first batch of Turks today- I'm not going to vary my uniforms too much though as I figures 4000 figs x 130 painters= lots of variation!

  10. Coming along nicely Scott! It's very nice to follow this whole project moving along through various blogs

  11. Looking good. This is a very ambitious project. I hope there are pictures available of the entire diorama when it is finished.

  12. Great work on these Scott. I always seem to have trouble on the pieces that are two hands on a weapon that need to be mounted to the arms. It will be fantastic to see these all finished up and together.


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