Saturday, March 14, 2015

Boromir - Son of Gondor - "Anti-Hero" bonus theme round - Painting Challenge

The final Bonus theme round of the Painting Challenge was entitled "Anti-Hero" and was the theme of this years event.

I wanted to keep to my overall LOTR theme for the year and at first had in my mind to do Gollum... but he struck me more of being a plain old villain really, and after a brief chat with Curt, about what an Anti-hero would really be... it was decided that Boromir's character would make for a good entry...

An Anti-Hero is basically a Hero, but perhaps is not the most, shall we say, 'ethically minded' in how he gets the job done...?

In this case, since Boromir tries to take the Ring from Frodo, having no doubt succumbed in some way to its malign influence, even though he was never a 'ring-bearer' himself,... and albeit with overall good intentions - to save Gondor from the threat of Mordor, by using it himself, or gifting it to his father... he fails perhaps to see the bigger picture and the real threat, that is the Ring itself...

He of course, pays ultimately with his life in the end, regaining his honour somewhat in defence of the weakest members of the Fellowship, when the party become scattered at Amon Hen during the attack of the Uruks of Isengard...

Aragorn's final "Be at Peace, Son of Gondor" is always a very moving moment...

I have painted this model once before as part of my own collection, some years ago now, so this example will be gifted to Curt, as my "Curtgeld" fee for participation on this years Challenge. Hopefully it will find a welcome place in Curts growing collection!


  1. Really good painting, love the little details on the red parts ;)

  2. A perfect anti-hero figure. Great job on the paintjob!

  3. Está muy bien Scott, me gusta cada vez más como te están quedando las caras. Buen trabajo!

  4. Excellent painting Scott! Lovely details.

  5. So realistic, I can hear from France the sound of the horn, increasingly desperate ... will reinforcements arrive in time to save this beautiful Boromir?

  6. Boromir is one of my favourite LOTR characters :)
    That said, I agree that he can be considered an anti-hero.
    He's a hero in battle for all the warriors that follow him, but some of his actions may really place him in the anti-hero status.
    In the books, Boromir wanted to go thru the gap of Rohan at all costs, even when everyone else thought that that was a really bad idea. This is just one of the inumerous examples that may make him an anti-hero.
    Fundamentally, I think that Boromir trusts a lot in his beliefs...

    About the paint job, I think you did great as always Scott.
    The small details are over the top!

  7. I never considered him an anti-hero but I suppose he is.


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