Saturday, March 14, 2015

My second lot of Turks finished...

Thursday night I put the last finishing touch; drybrushing Ushabti Bone on the boots and puttees, of the Turk soldiers to finish this latest batch of Turks...

I like the way this batch has turned out and think the varied tones makes for a good 'on-campaign' look...

Got these wrapped up, bubble wrapped and boxed up, with the first ten that I did, and delivered to Sam at KWC on Thusday night. There were none currently available to collect, so I'll be waiting till the next batch arrves for another allotment...

So that's 20 troopers and 10 casualties painted so far.... and a free weekend to send the brush back towards my own projects, until more figures arrive... though I think the garden is desperate for a little TLC too! :)

We are half way through the month now, with a fortnight to go till month end and the deadline... I'd like to think I could probaby get another 10 figures done, in that time, all being well...

Mustering the Troops


  1. They look absolutely terrific, Scott! I love the way you've achieved that campaign look.

    The casualties are a sad sight.

  2. I've added them to the official project blog:

  3. I also like the varied tones of the "khaki" uniforms - gives them a very realistic appearance. Amazing project.

  4. Yes I like the varied tones too looks authentic. 30 done that's well done Scott.

  5. Great work on these guys Scott!

  6. Excellent! Thirty 54mm is a lot of painting!

  7. Superb work. You've created a lot of visual interest with a limited palette there. They look great :-)


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