Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Go Go German Sherman!

'Operation Midnight Panzer' has continued and five more hulls roll off the assembly line... they were assembled during the painting challenge,... but at the end of the evening, when I had had enough of painting for the evening, I'd spend the last 20 mins or so, of the night, assembling one of these tanks... and so on...

They are 15mm scale Panzer IV Ausf H, one of the later models of the Panzer IV with the long barrel high velocity main gun, and sporting side armour Schurzen skirts...

They are plastic kits from Plastic Soldier company, which I continue to find easy to assemble and cost effective... and once again painted in a late war 3 tone came pattern. No airbrushing, just block painted, shade wash and drybrush. A little detail work picking out tools etc. Do the tracks... a little HB pencil to denote worn parts on tracks, some drybrushed weathering, a little rust effect on the exhaust.. and finally decals.

Now I know the turret numbers are not sequential so these are not from the same platoon. This is because the first time I put turret numbers on the first PzIVs I got, I had not understood their significance and went with a mixture of assorted numbers. Thankfully I found the left over decals so have started to bulk out the original formation with the 'missing tanks'! If you get my drift?

So that's 10 Panzer IVs ready, and the plan is to complete one more box of five PzIVs, featuring a few commanders peaking out of their hatches, and that will give me three combat platoons plus the HQ panzers... enough for a horde of 'German Shermans' to confront the allies, ... perhaps in the Lorraine region...? Hmmm, wonder what list I'm looking at?  :)

German Panzer IV H: (FOW)
FA6, SA3, TA1.
Main gun, range 32", AT11, FP 3+
Co-Ax and Hull MGs
Side Armour Schurzen, and Protected Ammo.


  1. Very nice indeed - you've pulled off a great camo scheme without the airbrush.
    I hope I can do as well when I get around to mine!

  2. Very nice work Scott! The camo is very well done and they have a nice weathered look about them

  3. Nicely painted and realistic looking. Thumbs up!

  4. They look great, Scott. I'm encouraged by your example of not having to use an airbrush for a nice camo effect too.

  5. Excellent as always Scott. Brett will need to dust off his Americans to give them a workout. "German Sherman" vs "Yankee Panzer IV"!

  6. Really nice result. I wouldn't get overly concerned with the numbering. I suspect that tanks got mixed up as German units started to shrink. cheers

  7. Lovely Scott its always nice to get more tanks for less money and these look very nice! The pencil trick sounds interesting I'll have to try it.

  8. They are wonderful Scott! Really like the camo !

  9. You've been sneakily cranking those beasts out on the sly. I'll have to finish up some more Sherman's and give you a run for your money!

  10. German tank looks great. Beautifully painted camo :)

  11. Looking good! Don't worry too much about the numbers, they can be survivors from different platoons thrown together.

  12. I see your 'blue period' with FOW is well and truly over. No doubt painting those superb ANZAC figs has cleared your head. Nice camo, I hope you'll be able to find those panzers when they're on the table...now let me see.. I'm sure I had a unit of panzers on ambush in a wood somewhere round about here??

    1. Indeed... its one of those games that's hard to stay away from... plenty of keen local players always wanting a game... LOL, yeah ;-)


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