Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Tauriel, from GW's Hobbit Line.

I entered this model in the "Hot" Bonus theme round for the Painting Challenge.

Here I was loosely or laterally thinking Hot as in hot babe!

OK she's not quite Xena, but has a certain charm without exposing acres of flesh, and is certainly more dynamic than Arwen, though credit where credit is due for Arwen, for standing up to the Ringwraiths, at least in the movies!

The model is 28mm scale and a plastic kit, which goes together easily and has no resin 'issues'...

I painted her up taking as much colour references I could from the various movie stills throughout this post.

I had a little difficulty with the rear scabbard, trying to figure out exactly how to paint it, but the above shot helped...

I know there has been mixed opinions of Tauriels inclusion in the movies, as she is not in the book, but I like the story arc shes weaves with Legolas and Kili, and it provides a little love interest for non-Tolkien-canon versed female viewers...

The story could perhaps have been a little dull if it were just about 13 dwarves, a hobbit and a wizard trudging across Middle-Earth... so I am happy for her inclusion and her part in the developed and expanded story line by PJ...

I did find the sculpt of the face a little too rounded perhaps for her slim elfin features... so tried a little shading of the cheeks to try and reduce this appearance... and the trousers I did in a maroon/brown, and her boots as brown, as in the above picture, rather than the green colours used by the 'eavy metal team at GW...

I also decided to to use some WS scatter flock, rather than the static grass I normally use as I thought it looked more like the mossy undergrowth of Mirkwood...

The little toadstool adds a little contrast to the whole...

Hope you like it.

Oh!, and she's pretty shit hot in the game too ;-)  Looking forward to giving her a whirl...


  1. Lovely work Scott. I liked the inclusion of Tauriel in the films and she was a big hit with my 7yr old daughter, who likes strong female role models. A good move IMO by Mr Jackson and crew.

  2. Nice work as always Scott. The base really sets off the whole model.

  3. Lovely work as usual Scott! I'm fairly neutral about the character in the movies. There is actually a 4.5 hour version of the trilogy of movies you can download from various torrents that excises Tauriel, Radagast, all of the Dol Guldur sub-plots, give Legolas only a brief cameo in the capture of the Dwarves in Mirkwood. I don't know how they got the 5 Armies footage (well I can guess!). It's actually pretty decent.

    1. Ah but I enjoy the Radagast and Dol Guldur its... I actually find some of that the most interesting as it draws on the LOTR Appendicies and we get a greater picture of whats going on' behind the scenes' of the staright up dwarves story...

    2. I must admit I grokked Galadriel at Dol Guldur! :-)

    3. You had me scrambling through Google to find out what 'grokked' was... ;-)

  4. Brilliant job. She's been sitting on my workbench since last Christmas when she was a present from my daughter. I have struggled with reference pictures too!

  5. Nice work Scott - especially on the face. Excellent job salvaging that scupt.

    she really is a beast in combat. I recently picked her up and made the mistake of giving a mate who is just getting into the game the priviledge of the first test run. she ripped a 8 model swath in my lines in two rounds!

  6. Lovely job - a very charming Tauriel! :D

  7. She looks lovely, Scot. A fine likeness; and the spotted mushroom is a perfect touch.

  8. Excellently painted figure and a great post too. Great to see the figure next to the reference stills you used.

    Cheers, Ross

  9. Instead of my normal essays, I just say: Beautiful!

    Very well painted. And the model - the cast, rather - seems to be, as you stated, in fine condition!

  10. Fantastic work Scott. The face looks fabulous! top job dude!

  11. Suitably hot. You did a fine job on her. The toadstool is an elegant touch.


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