Monday, February 02, 2015

Empire of the Dead - Gent with Volleygun

Another Empire of the Dead model completed recently, a Gentleman with Volleygun... and 5 more points in the Painting Challenge for me.

A nice bit of extra Firepower for my Gentlaman's Faction... which I think I'll be needing against the local roaming Lycaons!

We got our campaign underway on Friday night here, nice intro report on Paul's blog here.

Unfortunately my own attempts at a report were somewhat thwarted - my camera battery ran out half way through the game... then my PCs power supply died at the weekend so I couldn't even upload the pics I had taken... this seemed to match my factions performance in that first game too, not the best start, but no matter, a spot of British stiff upper lip and we'll be back into it with some lessons learned - make sure your guns are loaded and keep those mangy wolves at arms length, or more!

We are using Umpire of the Dead to run our campaign, with my Faction being a Sons of Empire Gnetlemans Faction called The Pall Mall Patrons , and Paul's Lycaons; the Bad Dogs!

The Campaign is entitled Horror on the Kapiti Coast.

Hope to better document our games in the future... it did motivate me to get back to the Tavern, and I now have it fully clay clad after a rainy Sunday, the first rain in two weeks after high summer finally hit here. So keep checking back for progress and updates...

However, it looks like I'll be getting roped into the no doubt frantic activity surrounding Mustering the Troops, so this may dent my own personal hobby output for the next couple of months...


  1. That's a mean looking old geezer ;)!

  2. Nice beard on that deadly looking fella. nice job. cheers

  3. From Paul's blog it looked like a fun game. Hopefully you get in some regular sequels.

  4. That is a really good looking figure. And I love the way the photo is set out, with the gateway framing our chap.

    Good to see you coming on board the 'Mustering the Troops' project, too - I think it'll be a fun challenge, and the end result will be nothing less than spectacular.

  5. Great paintjob Scott. I am just putting the finishing touches on that same model.

  6. That's one nasty looking gun, and the old chap looks like he knows exactly how to use it! Nice work :-)

  7. Very nice paintwork Scott! Looks almost exactly like my bosses father!

  8. Very nice. Love the green of the coat!

  9. Great figure Scott, love a bit of EotD

  10. Nice looking figure Scott. I keeping toying with the thought of trying the game out as it does sound interesting.


  11. He looks great in the great coat.


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