Monday, June 05, 2017

Hobby catch up...

Six months since my last post... but I've still been busy!

After the last posts Antares odyssey, I have found myself pulled in many hobby directions. I have enjoyed the Antares game, but on the local front it has proved to be a bit of a hard sell. Those who were gracious enough to give it a go, were still more keen to stick with their original love of 40K, despite several also now being Bolt Action players...

Also during this time, I came to the conclusion as a side thought that I ought to at least have an army of my own for each of the primary games that I now sell. So having long been absent from the Warhammer worlds both fantasy and Sci-fi, I took steps to enter the GW realm once more.

First port of call was Age of Sigmar. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'd had a couple of games of this new system and found them enjoyable and easy to play. And so after a bit of thought I decided to go with a Chaos army, themed primarily as Slaanesh and Slaves to Darkness mix... of the Chaos Gods Slaanesh always caught my attention the most... I loved the whole excess, seduction, temptation angle... it really seemed the clever beguiling side of evil I liked the idea of... not the blunt instrument of Khorne, nor the repulsive rot of Nurgle, or the....weirdness... of Tzeentch...

The humble Chaos Warrior has always struck me as the resolute foot soldier of evil... unswerving, marching steadily on remorselessly... I liked that image... they would be my infantry centre... The flanks would be traditional fast cavalry and what better than Seekers and Hellstriders...

back this up with a Warshrine, an Exhalted Chariot and more... its been great fun, and on the painting side too... my little girl had often asked why I needed pink paint to paint my toy soldiers... well now I could give her a reason...

The Herald above and Masque below, these too little minx's are a lot of mischief in a small package...

The beauty of 'going demon' is its no big leap to use them in the AoS's sister game too ... 40K... grab some Chaos Marines and you've got the same idea in the future setting...

So two new armies on the go... but of course I cant only do one army for each setting, as I have to do one for son-and-heir too to fight against on the home front... so there is also a fledgling Dark Angels Army on the go , along with StormCast Eternals... lovely models, cant wait to get some of the winged ones...

And on that topic I really cant wait for the new 40K stuff to come out, we've got a heap of pre-orders so thanks guys for your support its been awesome :)

Roll on the 17th!

Still on the GW front, LOTR has still been getting some love... Some Fell Wargs have been finished and more goodies are on the way as I still try and work through the LOTR bunker of unpainted goodies...

Diversifying back to Warlord, and Bolt Action is still getting some attention, and a 250/1 Ausf D finished recently to add to my Krauts... An extra armoured MMG to transport my CO in...

And on the topic of Bolt Action, the local club KWC is hosting a 1 day 800pts themed day on 1st July so get your self along if able!

And back to where this post started ... I finished off the last plastic Concord squad from my Xilos starter set.... still more to add to this army,. but they've slipped down the painting ladder as GW rises to the fore...

Hope to catch up again, in the not too distant future... 


  1. What a delicious looking set of stuff. Love the DE/Slaanesh palette especially. And the WW2 stuff... ohh, and all of it :)

  2. Great stuff Scott! Good to see you are still kicking around too.

  3. Scott, I think this is a showcase of the best painting that you have done. That Slaanesh army is fantastically rendered and those Gates of Antares figures look like they are photos from the company's pro painters.

  4. Your painting just gets better and better!

  5. Exquisitely painted, as always, Scott.

  6. It has been a while... but you haven't lost your touch! These are great!

  7. We have missed you, but that update was worth waiting for!

  8. Blimey looks like you are well back in the game!

    Great to see you posting again.

  9. A great collection that is worthy of your comeback post! :)

  10. Very busy indeed. Love the Slaanesh army forming its one of my favourite styles of daemons if I'm honest though there are one or two classic 80's Chaos Warriors who are affiliated to Khorne that I still have a soft spot for.

    Nice work on the Bolt action additions I still haven't gotten around to doing anything with my Foundry Fallschirmjagers.

  11. Awesome painting on a huge variety there. Great stuff. cheers

  12. Beautiful brushwork Scott! Love the chariot.

  13. After showing us such lovely handiwork you are leaving us hanging again? You are cruel man Scott! :-) Great stuff indeed.


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